Tips to Motivate Yourself to Work Out

If being physically active and working out were easy, everybody would do it. Obviously, it’s not. If you spend your working hours sitting in a chair, why would you relax and unwind More »

Weight Loss – Motivation Tips

If you’re reading this article, I’m sure you have tried to diet before. Perhaps you’ve refused the cake at your best friend’s wedding and got rid of the biscuits in the cupboard, More »

5 Tips on Weight Loss Workout for Women

I know that we should work out to reduce stress, feel better and live healthier and, yes, we do. But, let’s be honest, we exercise to look better and lose weight, too. More »

Is it Possible to Get Rid of Belly Fat?

Having “six-pack abs” is something most adults dream of. Nevertheless, it’s quite daunting to get rid of that belly fat. Is there any strategy for doing that? Should you do some special More »

Mind Makeover & Weight Loss

It’s easy to lose weight; you should exercise more and eat less, right? Anyone who has lost significant amounts of weight knows how wrong these “easy tips” are. Making a lifestyle change More »


Tremendous Benefits of Healthy Diet Shakes for Weight Loss


Diet shakes have an important role to play in your weight loss program. They are high in nutrition and low in calories, so, they are ideal for weight loss. They are your best friends when you feel hungry but don’t

Body Fat Analyzer – Things You Should Consider

body fat analyzer

While trying for weight loss, it’s important not to focus on losing weight, but to lose fats in your body. Otherwise, losing water from your body in the form of sweat can also show you that you have lost weight.

How Effective are Weight Loss Supplements?


Overweight and obese people always dream about a pill that would shed their extra pounds. However, according to expert dieticians, there is no such pill! The truth about weight loss supplements is that they work only when you pair them

Weight loss programs


Many of us battle with our weight gain at some point of time in our lives. We look out for many remedies to lose excess fat stored in our body. We then start working out to be back in shape.

How to Lose Belly Fat – Top 5 Tips


Being overweight is not necessarily unhealthy. Also, being slim is not necessarily healthy. This is because the fat under the skin is not actually a health problem (it’s a cosmetic problem); it’s the fat in the belly that is the

Diabetes Diet: The Best Diabetic Foods to Eat, Herbs to Take, and Drinks to Swallow – Get Rid Of The Stress Of Diabetes, Food And Weight Forever!

Diabetes Diet book

If you are in confusion between type 1 and type 2 diabetes, let’s get clear about the fact that the diabetes you see around you, spread in your near and dear ones, is the type 2 diabetes. This type of

Five Surefire Tips to Lose Butt Fat Fast

butt fat loss

While it’s possible to change the composition of your body through exercise and proper diet, you cannot change the spots your body chooses to store the extra fat. For most people, derriere is a common spot for storing unwanted fat

Obesity DNA Test – A New Ray of Hope for Weight Loss

weight loss dna management new life genetics

So far, a lot has been discussed regarding the connection between obesity or being overweight, and calories, reducing calorie intake and increasing calorie expenditure, reducing carbohydrates and fats and increasing intake of proteins, vitamins and minerals, exercise and much more.

Cheer Up! No Need to Reduce Food Intake for Weight Loss

no need to reduce food intake for weight loss

Do you find it cumbersome to exercise for weight loss? Well, it might be good news for you that doctors at the School of Medicine at Washington University say that reducing food intake is more effective for achieving weight loss

How to Prepare for a Weight Loss Surgery?

preparing for weight loss surgery

Weight loss surgeries have indeed provided a ray of hope to overweight and obese people. These surgeries are based on the concept of limiting the amount of food taken in the stomach and thereby bringing about weight loss. Most of