3 Tasty Foods that Fight Cellulite

No matter what size or age we are, cellulite can happen even to the best of us. Although anti-cellulite massages, treatments, creams, lotions and potions can help you with the orange peel skin, improving your diet is probably the best way to smooth things over. Cellulite is caused by many other factors, but the elasticity of the skin and/or the buildup of toxins in women’s body can contribute, too. So, which foods should you focus your diet on to get rid of these bumpy fat deposits underneath your skin?

Besides exercising on a regular basis, if you want to win the battle against cellulite, you need to avoid cigarettes, alcohol and processed foods (especially sweets). Nevertheless, it’s not only about what you don’t eat; what you eat matters, too. So, here are my top 3 tasty nutritious picks for a smoother-looking body!

1. Hummus – Although there isn’t any particular component of this popular spread that would fight cellulite, this is a hypoglycemic food, which means it causes a minimum insulin release by putting only a small amount of glucose into our blood. Due to the fact that insulin stores fat, eating hypoglycemic foods actually decrease the expanding of fat cells and prevent cellulite forming.

2. Dark Chocolate – If you want your skin to be firm, there’s no need to avoid your favorite sweet. You can satisfy your chocoholism with an ounce or a square of at least 75% dark chocolate a day, while at the same time metabolizing fat and keeping your skin free of dimples. Cocoa is rich in antioxidants that improve the function of skin-building cells and break down fat and cellulite. In addition, the caffeine found in chocolate helps dehydrating fat cells under your skin and that evens out its surface.

3. Salmon – This fish is full of antioxidants which, as mentioned above, break down fat cells and cellulite. But, salmon is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which can reduce appetite while strengthening and repairing skin fibers and tissue. That improves circulation and decreases the buildup of cellulite-causing toxins in blood vessels. Simply put, these toxins trapped in the tissue underneath your skin filter out when you eat salmon.