4 Practical Weight Loss Tips

Fighting against weight is indeed tough! Think whether you have set impractical goals or tried to do something which you never did, like heavy exercise right from day one of your weight loss mission. If you have, here are some more weight loss tips for you which will land you into some relief, relaxation, practicality and ease.

1. Start Slow and Small

This is especially for those who have never tried for dieting or exercise. However, it’s also true for those who have tried them but failed and want to start again. If you are planning the dieting and exercising first time or after a long gap, don’t stress your body with 1-hour walking or any other exercise or harsh starving, leaving all your favorite food at once. This is because it works for the initial days and then a moment comes when you leave everything in a stressful situation and continues to eat unhealthy and be inactive thereafter. Instead, first start by eating healthy foods while continuing with your favorite confectionery or fried foods, but reducing their portion. Then slowly cut down each of them, while continuing with the healthy foods. Give yourself time until a day comes when you will leave all your wrong eating habits. But have patience till then. Same way with exercise, start with only 15 minutes or even 5 minutes. And slowly increase the time as you gain strength and endurance. Patience is extremely important throughout the process. Similarly keeping the company of motivating people also makes a lot of difference to help you continue your efforts.

2. Develop a Habit of Eating More Often than Eating Large Portions Few Times

This is one of the most important fast weight loss tips for women! Normally we eat large portions in breakfast, lunch and dinner, and then keep snacking for the whole day. Instead, divide your food timings in many small parts, e.g. after every 2-3 hours and eat small portions. Remember that the food should be healthy or a large part of it should be healthy. For example, you can eat a bowlful of a vegetable/salad, a fruit, and if you can’t control your craving, you can eat only a small portion of your favorite dessert or fried food, and this combination should be only once in a day. All your remaining small meals should contain healthy foods.

3. Maintain a Variety

Even if you eat a healthy food, but of the same type, you may get bored with it and return to eating unhealthy foods again. Therefore, make it a point to bring a variety in healthy foods too. Keep changing the fruits, vegetables, meat and nuts. Don’t repeat them every day.

4. Prepare for Parties

Parties are real pain-in-the-xxxx during your weight loss battles. You can’t refuse them and once you reach there, you are bound to fall prey to others’ pressure of eating unhealthy foods. However, you have a solution; don’t eat any unhealthy food before the party, throughout the day or even 2-3 days before the party. And if you are successful in maintaining a healthy eating routine (not falling prey to any temptation), you need not worry even if you eat a small amount of unhealthy food in the party. Just remember the rule of small portion!

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