5 Great Tips for Quick Weight Loss

If you are after quick weight loss, remember that there is no better way to do it than watching your intake and expenditure of calories and exercising. If you are a food-lover and exercise-hater, you will have to throw away both these love and hatred, and wake up to get some insight about your food habits and activity level. Here are some quick weight loss tips for you.

1. Have Green Tea

Green tea has by now got a lot of fame in the world of health and weight enthusiasts. Naturally, it has become an interesting subject of studies and has gone through a number of them. These studies have shown that green tea burns around 70 more calories by increasing metabolism in 24 hours. (Exercise-haters may find this interesting; however, they should do exercise too if they want to shed pounds fast). These 70 calories make a total fat weighing 7.3 pounds in a year!

2. Solid Calories and Liquid Calories

It has been found that our body doesn’t treat solid calories and liquid calories in the same way. E.g. you won’t feel satiated upon drinking a grande sized cafe mocha as you would upon relishing a bowl of pasta. This means that you will want to drink more of café mocha after having only 1 cup, but not another bowl of pasta. So, watch upon how many calories you consume in the form of coffee drinks, juices, sodas and wine. If you have drunk a cup of each of these drinks, during the day, you have had a total of at least 800 additional calories at the end of the day, and still, you will feel hungry. Further, if you drink alcohol, it will suppress your fat metabolism, making it harder for your body to burn those calories.

NOTE: Green tea mentioned above is exclusion, because it burns calories and does not add 🙂

3. Start Lifting Weights

More and more studies are proving that strength training burns more calories by building lean muscles, regardless of you are at work or rest. The leaner muscles you get, the quicker you will trim down. So, how will you start it? – by lifting weights! Try some squats or a few pushups or lunges. Do biceps curls or triceps pulls using free weights. Perform these exercises at least 3-4 times in a week and you’ll find an exciting enhancement in your physique.

4. Eat Spices

Studies have also found that spices like hot peppers, cinnamon and cloves can boost metabolism and thereby burn calories. These spices also make you feel satiated fast and curb cravings.

5. Take Walks

Take out time for walking! It may be either morning or evening or both. Walking is a simple yet extremely effective exercise for burning calories. Walking increases metabolism and prevent calories to pile up on your belly or butt.

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