5 Scientifically Proven Strategies for Weight Loss

While fighting with your extra pounds, you might have heard of a lot of advices, most of which are simply myths and have no scientific evidence. However, scientists are always trying to find things that affect weight and strategies with which people can reduce weight and maintain it to a healthy one. Here are some such strategies that have been proved scientifically and so, you can adopt them to win the weight loss battle.

1. Stop Cold Water, Start Warm Water

As such, drinking a lot of water helps reduce weight. And if you stop drinking refrigerated water and start warm water, your weight loss process becomes even faster. Water increases metabolism by 24% to 30% within 1 to 1 and a half hour, obviously burning off some more calories. Drinking warm water increases this figure further.

2. Eggs in Breakfast

Replacing grain-based breakfast with eggs makes you full and eat less calories during the next 36 hours; naturally this helps you lose more weight and body fat, according to studies. If you are not able to eat eggs for any reason, no problem! Eat some other sort of quality protein and it will bring about the same effect.

3. Include Green Tea in Your Diet

Green tea is famous for imparting several health benefits, but it is tremendously helpful in losing weight too. It’s now quite well-known that green tea is packed with a potent antioxidant called catechins and it has a small amount of caffeine too, both of which work synergistically to burn body fat.

4. Replace Your Favorite Oil with Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is tremendously healthy because it has healthy fats known as medium chain triglycerides. They are metabolized not like other fats but in a different way. They have been seen to have metabolism boosting properties and burn 120 calories every day and even decrease appetite so as to lessen your caloric intake. Remember that you should not ‘add’ coconut oil to your diet, but should replace the fat you are already taking.

5. Store Healthy Snacks

Craving overtakes you when you are hungry and when you are hungry you always think of tasty foods which are normally unhealthy. To avoid this scenario, store healthy snacks and eat them when you feel like eating something. These are fruits, baby carrots, hardboiled eggs, nuts, veggies like cucumber, tomatoes, etc. and many others.

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