Approach Thailand for Health and Your Holidays will Become More Fun than Ever Before

Thailand has always been known as a Golden Country, because of the halo of prosperity it has. With numerous delightful beaches, Buddha’s temples, the famous Chao Phraya River and many more attractions around the country, it’s one of the most favorite destinations of tourists. Thailand vacation is a magical mantra for any travel enthusiast. However, recently Thailand is gaining more popularity as a health resort than a tourist hotspot, that too, for weight loss. Thailand’s coastal climate is health-giving and when yoga, detox, cleanse and other activities are performed in this salubrious open air, tourists are bound to feel like bouncing with health. Therefore in the recent years a number of weight loss & detox retreats have come up in Thailand.

If you are in search of such a retreat, I recommend you PhuketFit weight loss and detox retreat in Thailand, which provides world-class fitness and health-related programs. PhuketFit is a team of fitness professionals having particular talents and special skills and as if like a miraculous inspiration, they all have united at this one place to offer optimum health to people like you and me. The following map will help you locate PhuketFit weight loss and detox retreat. We will take a look at their outstanding services later in this article; but before that, we will see what type of health benefits you can get in Thailand’s health resorts.

Your Health Goal

People approach Thailand’s health resorts for learning and experiencing weight loss through detox and cleanses. Our body is accumulating toxins for years due to wrong food habits, wrong sleep habits, an overall wrong lifestyle, pollution, impure food containing fertilizers and pesticides, and so on. These toxins pose a lot of oxidative stress on our body, due to which it undergoes huge cell damage. Also junk foods and processed foods make germs thrive in our gut which make us eat more unhealthy foods. All these phenomena result into an unhealthy body which has no enough ability to bring about fat metabolism and other types of metabolism necessary for our health. And so, we first become fat, then overweight and eventually obese, and start suffering from various diseases.


Thailand’s health resorts offer plenty of health programs suitable to various kinds of people. All people are not same and therefore, a generalized program cannot bring about the desired change in everyone. Diet and exercise programs are to be customized according to individual clients. The weight loss and detox retreats in Phuket and rest of Thailand offer customized diet programs, combined with yoga, massage and cleanses, thus bringing about weight loss in a healthy way.


Things You have to Consider before Choosing a Program

Budget: Of course, you should think about it first and then plan your trip. You will have to spend on the actual program as well as your accommodation. Plus if you want to do extra courses, like that of yoga, massage and individual healing sessions, you should make an estimate of how much you can spend.

Time Duration: This is also an important factor to consider as how long you can stay in Thailand, taking leave from work or school. Here a nice feature of Thailand’s health resorts is the programs are of varying durations, like 3 days, 5 days, 7 days, 14 days, 21 days and even more. The more time you spend here, the more health benefits you will get, because of the healthful activities like detox and cleanses, yoga, healthy and balanced diet, massage, spa, etc. But if you cannot spend that much time, you have a convenient option of choosing a 3-day program with which you can get at least some benefits and after returning home, you can continue practicing whatever you learn here.

PhuketFit weightloss Program

Programs Designed for Weight Loss and Overall Improved Health

Colon Cleansing: Colon cleansing is an important ingredient of many weight loss and detox programs. Colon cleaning process is also called colonics, colemas or enemas – actually they are same at their core with slight variations and their aim is to cleanse the gut of old toxic filth which you have been eating so far. If colon cleanse is an optional element in the program you are planning to take up, it is recommended to choose a program with colon cleanse included. Through colon cleansing, more amounts of toxins are removed from your body in an easy way.

healthy diet

Diet: The diet programs also vary a lot, and include options like raw food diet, cooked food diet, herbal supplements, juice diet, Candida programs, heavy metal detox, parasite cleanse and more. You may get daunted with these many choices but you should just remember that if you are overweight or obese, you have toxins in your body and so, any of these will only benefit you. In short, you can choose any of them, as you have to start somewhere. Don’t waste your time in going through all the details; just choose the one which suits your budget and offers the most of what you want to achieve.

healthy diet

Reboot: Have you got some other problems that are contributing to intoxicate your body, like alcohol, smoking, drugs, etc? The health resorts of Thailand have rebooting solutions for you. Even excessive eating which is primarily responsible for weight gain is a vice. If you need to get rid of these bad habits, you can also choose additional therapies like hypnotherapy, EFT or NLP, as well as emotional support. These programs improve your self-esteem and self-control, and reduce the feeling of guilt, thereby help to eliminate the bad habits.


The above-mentioned PhuketFit weight loss and detox is operated with a mission of creating a healthy environment where their guests can get a freedom from everyday stress and start afresh. They offer personalized support and services, thereby help their clients to achieve their specific health goals and weight, and help to maintain the positive changes forever in life.


They offer all premium services like Yoga, Fitness, Cleanses and Health Food to attain your specific health goals fast. And all the while, you get tremendous mental and emotional support from all the people in the resort, thus you can go on in your life with your new bouncing health. Take a look at the relaxing atmosphere of PhuketFit Resort in the photos in this article and many more on their website. Also enjoy this wonderful video:

So, this season, head towards the East not only for the enchanting Thailand holidays but also for gathering some health and you won’t believe, your holiday will be more fun and enjoyable than ever before, and you will return with a slim, fit, active body and fresh, happy mind!

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