Are Shakes Effective for Weight Loss?

Once the product mainly for bodybuilders, shakes have now been a product for weight loss. More and more women are turning towards shakes to shed extra pounds, get a lean body and for health. Shake is indeed a good alternative when you don’t have time to prepare a full meal, but want the entire lot of nutrition. So, shakes are a one-stop solution for all nutritional needs without a calorie burden. But are shakes really effective in weight loss?  Read comprehensive Shakeology reviews on and you can take an informed decision while choosing the right weight loss shake for you.

What’s in a Shake?

Shakes are generally protein shakes and protein source in them is usually either soy or whey. In protein shakes, these proteins are in powdered form. To this, flavoring is added so that it can resemble a milkshake when mixed with water or milk.

Recommended servings generally include around 20gm of protein though it may vary. The recommended daily intake of protein (recommended by the Federal Government) is 46gm per day for women and 64gm per day for men.

Protein consumption in addition to resistance exercise has long been considered good for increasing muscle mass. But in 2007 it was also found that protein-rich foods, like protein shakes, also help bring down the levels of ghrelin, an appetite-stimulating hormone, thus suppressing hunger.

This observation led protein shakes to be marketed as weight loss products. This led to the popularity of protein shakes especially among women who knew the importance of healthy eating but didn’t have time to prepare healthy food and eat well. So, protein shakes are an easy and convenient way for them to healthy eating as well as weight loss.

Resistance Exercise is Also Essential for Weight Loss

In experts’ opinion drinking protein shakes alone doesn’t help in weight loss; resistance exercise is also equally important.

However, it is also true that protein shakes along with resistance exercise help a lot in weight loss, just like other protein sources, like egg whites, meat and dairy. While it is possible to lose weight with these protein sources and exercise, people find shakes convenient in their busy schedules.