Are You a Candidate for Weight Loss Products?

A lifestyle and diet changes sometimes don’t result in significant weight loss and, for people with serious health problems because of their weight, products such as Plexus Slim may be the only option. Nevertheless, even if you opt for weight loss products, you should know that they don’t replace the need to make positive, healthy changes in your diet and activity level.

In general, doctors and dieticians will recommend (or prescript) weight loss products only if you have tried and failed losing weight through regular exercise and healthy diet plan. If you don’t have real health issues because of being overweight, but you simply want to lose just a few pounds for aesthetic reasons, it’s better to stick to making a regular visits to gym and cutting on sweets and high-sugar foods.

Turning to weight loss products is reserved with people with BMI greater than 30, or for people with BMI greater than 27 but with a serious medical issues related to obesity (such as high blood pressure or diabetes). Before choosing a weight loss aid that’s for you, it’s important to consider its possible side effects, any potential interaction with other (if any) medications you’re taking and your previous health history. For these reasons, it’s sometimes better to talk to your doctor before purchasing any weight loss products.

If combined with regular exercise and low-calorie diet, weight loss products can do miracles! It’s important to have a reasonable weight-loss goal and to understand it’s unhealthy to lose more than 10% of your total body mass within a year. Yes, that may not seem like much, but in a few year’s period, you’ll improve both your health and your physical appearance. An average weight loss of 5 – 10% of your total body weight annually will improve your health by decreasing lipid and blood glucose levels, decreasing blood pressure and increasing insulin sensitivity.

Finally, keep in mind that weight loss drugs are not the easy answer to shedding some pounds, but a useful tool to help you make the necessary lifestyle changes. If you don’t correct your diet and physical activity, you’ll regain the weight.