Body Wraps for Slimming Down and an Overall Healthy Feeling

Are you in search of an easy way to lose extra pounds? You might have tried various diets to end up only in disappointment of not losing any weight or losing much fewer pounds than expected, and having to fight cravings all the time! However there are some solutions which will not only help you in shedding extra pounds, but also make you feel good. These are body wraps! Body wraps are actually a spa treatment and are used for a number of purposes like relaxation, moisturizing, feeling of well-being, detoxification, dealing with cellulite and slimming down.

What are Body Wraps?

Body wraps were discovered decades ago and linens were used to form them. Those days they were called herbal wraps. Later, the term body wrap came into practice which means more than just herbal wraps. In the course of time, thermal blankets and plastic sheets replaced linen sheets.

There are differences in the body wraps of different spas; however, usually body wraps are done in a dark room on a massage table with candles and soft music.

Massage table is generally layered with a thermal blanket on top of which client is made to lie down wrapped in sheets and towels. On top of the client there are sheets again to keep her/him warm.

The treatment usually starts with a scrub, which could be a mud scrub or herbal scrub like green apple or pear scrub. But before this, the client is made to take a shower. The wrap products are smoothed in a thin layer wrapping all body parts.

When the client’s body is entirely wrapped in the herbal products, an electric thermal blanket is put on her/him which creates heat to make the client sweat, usually for half an hour. After this, it’s cooled down slowly.

Finally the wrap is rinsed and lotion is applied. This makes your skin extremely smooth and you feel relaxed.

Slimming Wraps

Among the many purposes of body wraps, one is slimming too. But many people are skeptical about it. Experts are of opinion that slimming body wraps indeed brings about inch loss because the treatment tightens skin tissues; however, you should also pair the treatment with healthy food and exercise to enjoy the results permanently.

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