Can Cheating on a Diet Help You Lose Weight?

Although it sounds counter-intuitive at first, cutting yourself some slack could actually help you lose weight. If you allow yourself some treats and a little flexibility, it will be easier for you to stick to a healthy eating plan. The more you take sweets and other treats away from yourself, the more you’ll be craving it. So, cheat everyday and lose weight, because it will make your diet plan more sustainable.

Most dietitians recommend their clients eat three main meals and two snacks on a daily basis to keep their blood sugar steady. If you eat erratically, it can cause spikes in blood sugar leading to craving for foods with high sugar content. Not all nutritionists agree with cheating, but they all think their clients should follow a healthy and balanced weight loss plan that can be maintained (with small corrections) for a life time rather than an eating plan that cuts on certain foods and restricts calories. Most people feel and think that even the best-designed diets still need a little flexibility. In case you don’t allow yourself any cheat foods, once you realize you’re cheating (and everybody does it from time to time), you’ll be filled with guilt and that’s something that should be avoided by all means.

However, nobody is suggesting you to binge on an unlimited amount of treats. A small amount of one of your favorite treats a day, for example a chocolate bar, a small piece of cake etc. A moderate indulgence won’t affect your metabolism, because it’s only affected by things you do on a daily consistent basis.

Finally, don’t skip meals to compensate for treats, because that can do more harm than good. Skipping meals and binging at the weekend might slow your metabolism, since your body won’t realize when it’s time for the next meal and, once it finally gets some calories, it will hang on to them. In fact, skipping breakfast increases your chances for becoming overweight.