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6 Amazing Tips to Reduce Weight after Pregnancy

Pregnancy and childbirth are the most awesome incidents in a woman’s life. Although there is a lot of health issues and mental ups and downs involved in these two, the outcome is great! But once you get used to your

Mother Earth Diet – Proceed Towards Light and Bouncing Health

If you are keen about your weight or have already gained much of weight because of carelessness and now want to shed it, you might be reading lots and lots about weight loss and might be trying many diets too.

Reduce Weight with Portion Controlled Meals

Just like other factors that affect our weight, portion size is also a factor which we hardly think of. The fact is that we don’t feel right if we eat less. Restaurants too are offering schemes with unlimited serving. And

Run to Lose Weight – Take Help of a Formerly Fat Runner

If you are an exercise-hater, but want to take up an easy workout for shedding your extra pounds, there can be nothing else for you than running. If you don’t believe that running can help you in losing weight, I

Parties with Physical Activities for Weight Loss that are Much More Fun

We all love parties. But the love for parties is mostly because of the chance to meet family and friends, and sometimes food too is a great attraction. There is no physical activity included (barring dance, sometimes) and sometimes people

Fight Weight Gain and Befriend With Health with Juicing

So, you want to shed some pounds? Or you have a bigger weight loss goal? I can suggest you the best solution – juicing! Juicing gives you 100% nutrition without much of caloric intake.

Don’t Aim for Weight Loss, Aim for Health and You’ll Automatically Lose Weight

Are you trying hard to lose extra pounds? You must be going through all the side effects that come along, e.g. craving for your favorite foods, depression and more. I tell you, you really need not go through all that.

Yoga for Your Desired Weight and an Excellent Health

Yoga is a fantastic exercise for not only weight loss but also for overall well-being. Many people think that yoga is to be done just like other vigorous exercises and brings about weight loss by sweating, burning fat and building

5 Super Healthy Foods for Weight Loss

It was long back when it was thought that eating adds to pounds. Today’s thought is not all foods increase weight; on the contrary, some foods help you to lose weight by stimulating metabolism, affecting our hormones and hunger, increasing

Enjoy Losing Weight in A Healthy and Delicious Way with Weight Loss Smoothies

If you want to achieve a healthy weight loss, the best way for you is to have smoothies of various types. Having smoothies is a fantastic way to get health as well as energy, and at the same time achieve