Cellulite and reasons behind cellulite

Cellulite may seem to be a medical condition but to simply put it; it is only the fat beneath the skin. The pattern of the fat looks bumpy from the top of the skin because the fat pushes the connective tissue causing the skin above it to crumple. It is no way harmful but people does not like the way it distorts the look.

Though it is related to fat some away, it does not mean having cellulite is overweight. Even thin and frail people also have cellulite. If an overweight person gets the weight reduced substantially, she may have her cellulite lessened. Cellulite is more prevalent in women than in men. Studies also reveal that if the women in family have cellulite then the next generation is more likely to have it.

Women find it very irritating and unpleasant because they are forced by cellulite to alter their costumes and change clothes up to a large extent. The accumulation of cellulite is mostly seen in the thighs and buttocks of women. Women who love to wear short skirts, hot pants and other short stuffs find it very difficult to carry. However there is cure available for cellulite in treatment centre like Cellulitestar and many others who have proprietary medicines or methods of treatment.

Cellulite is less noticeable in darker skin than fairer skin. So women who are used to take beaches with swim wears and used to have sun bath find it difficult to cope with the transformed skin condition.

As studies reveal the reason for cellulites are:

  1. Poor diet intake and vague dieting
  2. Slow to moderate metabolism and lack of physical activity
  3. Hormonal changes and excessive dehydration
  4. Total body fat in excess is the most prominent reason among them
  5. History of cellulite in family

However, as cellulite is not related in itself to a disease, you should consult the best professionals in the field and get proper treatment to get rid of it.