Cheer Up! No Need to Reduce Food Intake for Weight Loss

Do you find it cumbersome to exercise for weight loss? Well, it might be good news for you that doctors at the School of Medicine at Washington University say that reducing food intake is more effective for achieving weight loss than to increasing physical activity. And also it’s a general experience that physical exercise is more beneficial for making mood great, feeling energetic, getting better sleep and keeping depression at bay than shedding pounds. It’s actually how many calories we consume that decides our weight gain or loss. So, if you are ready to reduce your calorie intake, here are some tips that will bring to your notice that you should not reduce food intake. So, cheer up!

Eat a Lot of Vegetables

Increase your intake of vegetables. Instead of filling your stomach with starchy and fatty foods that tastes great, load it up with veggies and you won’t feel like stuffing in the empty-calorie junk. And of course, veggies will render the required healthful vitamins, minerals and fiber to your body which will make your body satiated and it won’t make you tempted to eat whatever you see. It’s that simple!

Consume More Soups

I may recommend you increasing veggies in your meals, but it’s not as easy as it’s said. Often veggies, especially raw veggies give our oral cavity too much of exercise which can make us bored and even depressed. So, what’s the solution? It’s soup! How do you find the idea of a hot, steamy, yummy soup that contains a lot of nutrition? So, take water in a pan, throw cut veggies in it, add some pepper, salt and other spices, and let it boil. Remove from fire, garnish with cilantro and enjoy! You can also add beans and peas to make it more nutritious and tasty.

Chew, Chew and Chew

Nature has given us a wonderful gift called mouth! This mouth contains a wonderful digestive enzyme called saliva. Can you imagine half the digestion of food we consume can be done in mouth itself, making the food easier on our stomach and intestine, so that they can work more efficiently? Saliva has a great power to digest carbohydrates and sugar, and so, the chances of undigested sugars and carbs getting accumulated in our body as fat stores are much reduced when we chew food properly.

Go Yoga!

Though I told you in the beginning that exercise is less helpful in weight reduction, yoga is a bit different than other exercise. Firstly you don’t have to exhaust yourself while doing yoga, the thing you hate the most about exercise. Secondly, yoga brings about a control over your emotions. Research shows that people who regularly do yoga tend to be slimmer and more active than those who don’t do it. This is because yoga makes you more contented and less prone to cravings. So, you can adopt yoga for weight loss in an indirect way and also for an overall well-being.

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