Combine Supplements, Diet and Exercise for the Best Weight Loss Results

Nowadays, there are many over-the-counter drugs and natural supplements claiming to be “magic pills” that reduce appetite and absorption of fat, while increasing the metabolic rate and fat burning process. Although most popular weight loss products undoubtedly can help you lose that extra pounds you hate, I suggest thinking about them just as the way to speed up the process. It’s important to change your lifestyle and eating habits, too.

There are many effective products such as Forskolin for weight loss, and most dietitians are not completely against these “easy” solutions. But, if you continue eating as much as you used to, no fat-burning pill will help you. So, you should look at these “magic pills” as a way to boost to exercise and dieting, not a replacement for either. In addition, only if you change your eating habits, will you be able to maintain the weight and stay fit once you get rid of those annoying extra pounds.

Without supplements, weight loss is generally 3/4 diet and 1/4 exercise. If you use supplements you can make changes in your diet plan more slowly to enable your body to accept the subtle alterations. In addition, you can include more intense workout regime if you’re not cutting on food so rapidly. Here, I need to point out that you MUST be physically active when taking fat burning stimulants and I’m not saying this just because exercise is good for your overall well-being. The truth is, any stimulant can cause your body to burn more calories only if you move more. Also, it’s important to point out that without exercise only a portion of your total weight loss is from fat; muscle and bone density is stripped, too. But, a proper workout regime will stimulate the growth of these important tissues, while you’ll be burning mostly fat.