Dietary Modifications and NeuroDiet – Combination that Effectively Helps Shedding Pounds

Everybody can lose weight, it’s a fact. But, is it really possible to shed pounds rapidly? Most of fad diets actually leave us feeling depressed, hungry and nervous, not to mention that, as soon as you “finish” the diet, you start regaining weight. If, however, you want to keep unwanted pounds off for some time (or even forever), a better approach is to lose weight slowly by making simple adjustments to your lifestyle and the way you think. So, let’s talk more about simple dietary modifications and so-called NeuroDiet!

Highly Recommended Dietary Modifications:

1. Don’t skip breakfast! Although many people believe that if they don’t eat breakfast, they will cut calories, the truth is rather different. In fact, people who skip breakfast commonly end up eating more (and unhealthier) throughout the day. In addition to having the lower Body Mass Index, people who eat breakfast every day perform better at work or in school.

skip soda2. Beware of the liquid calories. Sweetened drinks are incredibly rich in calories, even though you don’t feel “full” after drinking them. For that reason, it is wiser to drink water and small portions of fruit juice (freshly made of 100% fruits if possible). If you are feeling hungry between meals, you could drink a vegetable juice; it doesn’t pile on calories and yet it can reduce hunger. Drink green tea when you need a refreshing drink; not only is it “light” when it comes to calories, but it can also increase calorie-burning. Alcohol calories are perhaps even more dangerous; they tend to add up very quickly. If you usually drink a cocktail or a glass of wine after lunch or dinner almost every day, limit alcohol to the weekend and you will shed some pounds certainly.

3. Controlling the environment is helpful. First of all, stock your kitchen with healthier snacks and foods; this is the simplest way to cut calories. If you don’t have it stored, it’s more difficult for you to eat it, right? Also, steer clear of your favorite all-you-can-eat restaurant if you usually don’t eat at home. Before you go to a party, try to eat healthy snacks in order not to feel hungry and, at the buffet, be careful with foods you fill your plate with.

downsize portions4. Reduce your portions by at least 10% and you’ll surely start losing weight (slowly but successfully). Portions we serve at home or get in restaurants are commonly bigger than we actually need. Use smaller plates, blows and cups to trick your brain a little bit: smaller portion looks plentiful on a smaller plate.

5. Go Lighter. Here, I’m not suggesting buying low-fat food products (since they tend to contain other unhealthy substances), but using hummus or salsa as a dip instead of high-fat mayonnaise and dairy products. Instead of mayo, use mustard to spread your sandwich, skip creamy salad dressings and use a vinaigrette instead.

eat slowly6. Eat slowly. This is perhaps the wisest habit to adopt if you want to slim down without going on a diet. Slow-paced meals will make you more satisfied when you eat a small portion and they trigger the hormones that send your brain a message that the stomach is full. On the contrary, if you rush with your meals, your body doesn’t have time to tell your brain about its fullness and that usually leads to overeating and, eventually, weight gain. Also, to make some “eating pause”, drop your fork for a few minutes and, instead of eating, talk to your family/friends. The chances are, you will find out you are already full and you won’t take another bite.

vegetables and meat7. Eat more veggies and proteins. Vegetables are packed with nutrients and low in calories; plus, the fiber fills you up, leaving less room for foods high in calories. It’s highly recommended to consume the right amount of protein at any meal (including snacks) in order to balance blood sugar and keep energy levels stable. Seafood, fish, eggs and lean meat are among the best protein sources that can help you shed some pounds.

As you can see, above mentioned dietary modifications are simple, yet effective (in the long run) and they will actually make you feel better, more energetic and healthier. If you add some physical exercise too, your weight loss goals will be even easier to achieve. Just, forget about weighing yourself every day. Your pounds will be shedding, but not as quick as with “miraculous” diets (which, as we’ve already said are neither healthy nor effective).

NeuroDiet – What is it?

When I consider going on a diet, I feel like I would eat anything, even foods I don’t usually like eating. So, yes, I know that my brain plays tricks on me making me want something I shouldn’t have. Intuitively, people know that brain health have a lot to do with cravings, weight loss, weight gain and obesity. But, is there any scientific explanation? Basically, everything we eat ends up being used by body for the production of neurotransmitters, essential chemicals that control our memory, sleep, mood, as well as our cravings and eating habits. The food most of us eat today is deficient in the raw materials which are necessary for the production of neurotransmitters. In addition, the production of these powerful chemicals is inhibited by stress and stimulation associated with the hectic lifestyle typical for a modern society.

amaya logoAny neurotransmitter deficiency manifests as some type and level of insomnia, depression and/or anxiety driving people to seek comfort through chemicals such as caffeine and nicotine, as well as through foods. NeuroDiet is a special program that sees the neurotransmitter deficiencies as the root cause of weight gain and obesity. It is created and developed at Amaya Clinic and it achieves to balance neurotransmitters in order to help their patients not to crave carbohydrates, chocolate, sugar and fatty foods anymore. NeuroDiet is an effective program that will empower patient’s brain to take charge of their own life, health and weight loss with no medications. For more information on NeuroDiet, as well as other weight loss, anti-aging and wellness programs offered by Amaya Clinic, check out their website.