Head Towards A Healthy, Pleasant Weight Loss like Melissa McCarthy

I just now read the story of Melissa McCarthy and I felt very nice. Actually she is a role model for those who want to lose extra pounds and they should read her story. I don’t mean that I liked the story because of the hard work Melissa McCarthy applied and lost her weight, how she controlled her cravings, how she reduced her meals and started eating very less, etc. Her story is simple and there is no hype in it like the great Hollywood weight loss legends. You can read it here: http://www.melissamccarthyweightloss.info/. Reading this story you will know how simple weight loss can be!

Don’t Get Stressed Up

Have you analyzed your thoughts about weight loss? Sit quietly and think for a moment or many moments – are you continuously thinking about your weight? Do you feel ashamed when people comment on you and do you weep in secret? Do you consider yourself a failure? Do you think that you’ll never lose your extra pounds?

It’s quite possible that after these depressing thoughts you grab a packet of junk food, sit before TV and go on eating! Why? It’s because eating and watching TV are both stress-relieving! So, tell me, how will you lose?

Now look at Melissa. She never bothered about her weight, nor did she bother about what people were saying about her. She even wasn’t hard on her weight or herself. She never took up any fancy diets or strenuous exercises. She just tried to lose naturally and she succeeded!

Learn from her story that you should not stress up yourself. If you do that, mind you, you will eat more to relieve that stress. Keep yourself at ease, relaxed! You will also find some of your myths shattered while reading her story. For example, you may think that sleeping a lot adds to your weight! The truth is exactly opposite; you should have ample sleep to lose weight. Reason is simple. When you have enough sleep, you don’t feel sleepy in the day, so you don’t need a coffee and a donut to energize yourself, your brain is fresh enough to take decisions about when to eat and when to stop eating, you feel fresh enough to exercise and cook at home instead of eating out, that’s it!

Garcinia Cambogia

In Melissa’s weight loss story, the wonder-fruit Garcinia cambogia has an important role. However, she also tells that taking this supplement (she took Garcinia Cambogia Select) alone doesn’t help. You should eat right, exercise, drink water instead of sugary drinks and sleep well; only then the supplement will work and quicken your weight loss brought about by these efforts.

All in all, don’t ruin your health with fad dieting programs; take up a safe and healthy approach like that of Melissa and head towards a healthy, pleasant weight loss!