Healthy Way to Lose One Pound Every Day

Are you fed up of your weight and various methods you have tried unsuccessfully to reduce it? The craving, the depression, the exercise, the starving – all are sheer pain! The frustration these various diet programs bring has no comparison. All this is because they are made up of many complicated and exotic processes which are hard to understand in the first place. Secondly, if they promise to make you lose weight suddenly, they are sure to make you feel weak rather than fresh which you are supposed to feel after the extra pounds shed off you. But that won’t be the case anymore as Elizabeth Carter has brought a fantastic weight loss program in her book “Lose 90 Pounds In 90 Days” which takes care of your health and you lose 1 pound per day, without feeling weak, depressed, starved or craved!

To Lose One Pound Per Day? (!)

Yes, you heard it right. This might be quite shocking for you, especially if you have gone through the old-school teaching that it is only healthy to lose 1 or 2 pounds per week – not more than that!

However, there is another old saying – “where there is a will, there is a way”!

The author says that doctors tell that it is not advisable to lose more than 1-2 pounds per week because there have been cases in the past of rapid weight loss wherein the people became seriously ill or even died. However, the author says further, such cases are very rare and happened because of extreme dieting practices like a single food for a long period or laxatives many times in a day and eventually starvation. People in some of these cases were found to have previous health conditions, like heart disease.

Elizabeth believes strongly that you should consult your healthcare professional before taking up any weight loss program. But she also believes that you can make up your mind to achieve certain things in a given period with which no one can interfere.

What to Expect from the Book “Lose 90 Pounds In 90 Days”?

You can expect a very simple guide from this revolutionary book which includes a regimen with which you can lose one pound every day in an absolutely healthy way. The regimen contains a healthy combination of food groups, physical activity and inspirational tips. A sample week’s schedule is also included looking at which you will realize that whatever is your weight loss goal, it is possible to lose one pound a day, which otherwise can take a very long time if you go through the way of losing 1-2 pound per week.

According to Elizabeth, the author of the book, it is not very difficult to change lifestyle for weight loss. A very simple regimented program along with right motivation can bring you success. And this is what the guide “Lose 90 Pounds In 90 Days” do.

So, if you are badly in need of losing weight and are frustrated with useless diet programs, get this book and start enjoying a quick weight loss!