How Effective are Weight Loss Supplements?

Overweight and obese people always dream about a pill that would shed their extra pounds. However, according to expert dieticians, there is no such pill! The truth about weight loss supplements is that they work only when you pair them with right eating habits, exercise and an overall healthy lifestyle. However, it’s also true that if you take the pills that have really effective supplements in it, your weight loss process speeds up than if you won’t have taken the pills. Here are some observations about weight loss supplements and their effectiveness.

Dr. Melinda Manore, an Oregon State University professor of nutrition, says that most weight loss supplements are tested while being accompanied with a hypocaloric diet. This means that reducing caloric intake has no other alternative. On the contrary to this, the weighties that look forward to being slim don’t want to reduce their caloric intake; they want a solution that will allow them to eat whatever they want, while shedding their extra pounds. So, according to Dr. Manore, you should primarily reduce caloric intake and increase the intake of fiber, calcium (to recommended amount) and enough protein, and thus maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.

Duffy MacKay, the Council for Responsible Nutrition Vice President, has advised that a magic pill that will bring about weight loss (without proper food and exercise) should not be expected. He says further that supplements are designed for complementing a healthy lifestyle and contributing to prevent weight gain or losing weight over time. They are not supposed to do the job of melting fats in the body, and thus bringing the weight down, on their own.

With that said there are some weight loss supplements that can maintain a correct blood sugar level so as to avoid cravings, impart a sense of satiety and avoid overeating and/or supply extra energy for exercise. However, if a weight loss supplement is claiming to shed weight with no healthy food or exercise needed, it better be avoided, according to Dr. McKay.

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