How Testosterone Helps with Weight Loss

Testosterone is not only a matter of concern for the 40+ population. The fact is that, whether you are a man or a woman and want to lose fat or maintain the lost fat, gain muscles or maintain them, and enjoy sex, you should know about testosterone.

However, it’s essential to note that testosterone acts differently in women than it does in men. So, both the sexes have to address this question differently. Most prominent example of this is, obesity and diabetes are linked to lower levels of testosterone in men, while higher testosterone levels in women.

As there are many interesting facts about testosterone which can fill even an entire book, we’ll discuss here only its connection with weight loss and why it is important for men looking forward to losing weight.

Losing Weight with Testosterone

In men who are healthy, the male hormone is a fantastic boon for losing fat (and not just weight loss). This is especially important for aging men, but is important also for men in their 20s. Testosterone boosts muscle building, which grows your insulin sensitivity, improves metabolic health and offers many other health benefits.

Obesity and lowered testosterone levels create a vicious cycle. First, obesity disturbs the testosterone production and then lowered testosterone helps storing more fat. Low testosterone also may help in insulin resistance (in which carbohydrates are not metabolized properly) making any carbs you consume to transport directly to fat tissue. Weight loss does increase levels of testosterone; however, it’s possible only if you could break this vicious cycle.

In general, it’s obvious that healthy testosterone levels are crucial for obtaining and keeping a healthy weight, and a healthy body fat level. Thus a skinny person may not be necessarily metabolically healthy. It’s not the less weight but the balance between fat and muscles that makes you healthy.

Can Testosterone Shots Help Men Lose Weight?

Yes; this has been shown by a recent study where obese men were given testosterone shots for five years and during that period, they lost 35 pounds each on an average. Their BMI (Body Mass Index) too lowered to 29 from 34 and they moved from the ‘obese’ category to the category of ‘overweight’. Improvement in cholesterol and triglyceride levels and lowered blood pressure was also seen. However, doctors are waiting for more number of studies for more definite conclusion. is a leading seller of testosterone cypionate which is a long acting ester of testosterone becoming increasingly difficult to obtain. It’s an effective form of testosterone for building strong and lean muscles.