How to Prepare for a Weight Loss Surgery?

Weight loss surgeries have indeed provided a ray of hope to overweight and obese people. These surgeries are based on the concept of limiting the amount of food taken in the stomach and thereby bringing about weight loss. Most of them are performed with minimally invasive methods (laparoscopic surgery). If you are planning to get the weight loss surgery done, here are tips for you to prepare for the surgery.

The Day before the Weight Loss Surgery

Just the day before your weight loss surgery you will have to follow particular instructions so that everything can go smooth on the day of surgery. A list of these instructions will be provided to you by your surgeon’s team.

You should eat or drink nothing after midnight so as to have an empty stomach during the surgery to avoid complications.

On the Day of Surgery

You may have to spend 2-3 hours in the operating room but the actual procedure lasts for 1-2 hours which depends on the type of surgery. Next you will be taken to the recovery room for a few hours.

After the effect of anesthesia drops, you may experience some pain in the operated area for which you will be given a pain-killer medication. You will be assisted by the hospital staff to get out of bed and move as soon as you can to avoid clotting of blood and respiratory problems.


In the first few weeks after your weight loss surgery, you will need to get adjusted to your new life after the surgery and take time to recover. You will have to take up a new lifestyle which includes a new exercise and diet plan, regular checkups at your surgeon, etc. You will have to be patient during this time. You will have to take liquid diet and soft/pureed foods.


For the first few days, you may experience some discomfort particularly after gastric band procedure but it will soon subside. If it persists, you should call your surgeon.

Your surgeon may instruct you to avoid shower for some days to eliminate the risk of infection.

You should try to walk slowly as much as possible to get back strength and avoid clotting of blood. But for the first week after surgery, you should take complete rest to recover faster.

You can resume work after about a week, provided it’s not a physically strenuous work. If the job is physically demanding, you should resume it after 2-3 weeks.

You can return to all your normal activities within 4-6 weeks and even start your new exercise routine.

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