InRFood – Maintain Your Weight And Be Healthy by Taking in Right Amount of Nutrition

By now, every health- and weight-conscious person has understood that there is no point in counting calories while dieting. This is because the latest research has shown and is showing that not all calorie-rich foods are bad and not all calorie-free foods are good. Moreover, there are certain calories that are actually essential to take in for maintaining good health and also a healthy weight. So, now the question arises – what to eat to maintain a healthy weight and become healthy. Here’s the good news for you; an innovative app InRFood has been introduced on App Store which will help you in personalizing your health plan through nutrition beyond calories by understanding the ingredients in the food. And guess what, this app is absolutely FREE! It will be coming soon on Google Play too.

How is InRFood App Useful?

InRFood App shows you the ingredients of the food you take in or want to take in. based on the nutritional value of those ingredients you can search, scan or create meals in which you can include your favorite foods, and then log the meals in.

The ingredients InRFood finds out are not only the general ones, but also macro and micro nutrients.

InRFood - nutrition

You can also find out your nutritional intake with the help of InRFood and see if you are meeting your health goals.

So, you can see that by first finding out your nutritional intake, you can know whether you are taking in right amount of nutrients and the amount of calories. Also, you can know the nutritional value of the foods you take in. And then you can plan your meals with the right amount of nutrition, thus making yourself healthy and happy.

With the help of InRFood, you are also saved from the hassle of reading the ingredient labels of foods. InRFood has more than 500,000 products which you can refer to and find their ingredients in real time. These include national as well as international products. What’s more, it has also more than 15,000 ingredients which you can explore. So, now with InRFood you can easily find if the food is organic, contains GMO and many such nutritional facts.

So, download InRFood now for FREE and stop worrying about your weight! You can now maintain your weight and be healthy at the same time by taking in right amount of nutrition!