Is a Recumbent Bike Good for Weight Loss?

Many people are under a false impression that as we sit on a recumbent bike in a semireclined position, we can’t get an intense and effective workout on the recumbent bike and so, can’t lose weight with it. The fact is that this bike gives a workout that is more effective than other cardio equipment like an upright bike or a treadmill. Using interval training you can enjoy the benefits of an efficient workout for weight loss on a recumbent bike.

Interval Training on Recumbent Bike

Interval training is a short yet intense type of cardio exercise. It consists of alternate intense sessions of an activity with less intense ones. E.g. you can sprint for a certain time and then walk for a while and go on repeating this. Research has shown that interval training brings about maximum weight loss in a healthy way. A recumbent bike can give you interval workout in an excellent manner. You can pedal fast and slow alternatively.

Time Intervals

If you wonder about what time intervals to adapt during interval training on a recumbent bike, you can choose either one-to-one interval or even a 2-to-1 interval if you are a beginner, i.e. choose a recovery period to be double that of your intense period. If you have just started interval training, choose to do your intense activity for half a minute and recover for a full minute. As you advance, lengthen your intense segment to one minute, but let the recovery segment too be one minute.

How to Do Interval Training on a Recumbent Bike

Begin the exercise with a five-minute warm-up. Next, increase the pedal speed and resistance and exercise at 95% of your maximum intensity for half a minute. Now, reduce the pedal speed and resistance and take a half-a-minute recovery interval. Do these two one-by-one for 20 minutes in total. End the workout with a five-minute cool down. You can try different times of interval to bring a variety. Some brands of recumbent bikes have built-in exercise interval programs with which you can get the pedal resistance adjusted automatically and it can prompt you to slow down or speed up the pedaling.

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