Is there Any Way to Give up Sugar for Weight Loss?

One thing is commonly seen in overweight and obese people that they have a sweet tooth. Sweet-lovers may not be obese, but obese are sweet-lovers. If they wish to lose weight, the first and foremost thing they have to do is giving up sugar. But how to do that? Let’s see.

Reasons for Craving

There are many reasons for sugar craving. First of all, sweet is the first choice of man since birth. Sugar is a carbohydrate and carbohydrates induce the secretion of serotonin – a feel-good hormone. Though sugar is a carbohydrate its taste is different than that of other forms of carbohydrate-containing foods like grains, vegetables and fruits, and that taste makes the difference. The sweet taste of sugar secretes endorphins that relaxes us and provides a natural “high”.

The problem is not with eating sugary treats, but is with over-eating them. You may not believe but this happens easily when sugar is added to many foods, like juices, breads, sauces, yogurt and so on.

How to Give Up Sugar?

Here are some tips with which you can try to give up sugar.

Eat Only a Little: Eat only a little of what you are craving is a good way to control the craving. That way, your craving is satisfied and you don’t eat more. Here I would recommend one more exercise which will make it happen. Say, you want to eat a scoop of ice cream. Take a spoonful of it but don’t eat it immediately. First just look at it, experience its fragrance and flavor only with eyes and nose. Imagine that you have placed that portion on your tongue and are relishing it. This will make you experience its taste mentally and will half satisfy you. Finally place it on the tongue in reality and that will complete the satisfaction. This way you will hardly need to taste the entire scoop.

Make Exciting Healthy Combinations: There is no harm in combining a naturally healthy food with your sugary treat. That way you will eat the sugary treat less. E.g. you can dip a banana or any other fruit or nuts in chocolate and eat it. Or you can cut sweet gourd in thin slices and add to vanilla or any other milky ice cream.

Eat Fruits in Plenty: Add plenty of fruits to your daily meal, and they will satisfy your sugar craving to a large amount, besides giving you health. But make it a point to eat them fresh and raw.

Take a Walk: Some experts suggest taking a walk when sugar craving hits. You need not don your track suit or any other special costume and head out of home. You can just walk inside your home just to distract yourself.

Regularity in Meals: Keeping a long gap in meals makes you craved for sugary and fatty foods. So, make a habit of eating regularly. Doctors suggest eating every 3 to 5 hours so as to keep blood sugar in control and help you overcome sugar craving. You don’t have to eat large portions every time. Keep it short and sweet, and that will keep you satiated and away from craving.

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