KUAI Biometric Headphones – Head towards Your Weight Loss Goals Even Faster

If you are desperate about losing weight, you need an encouragement at every step of whatever you do. What kind of encouragement? An encouragement that will show you that your exercise has increased your pulse and heart rate or you have covered more distance than yesterday while jogging or an alert that can tell you that you have achieved a specific goal you had set for the day. But you come across your regular performance monitors like your sport watch, heart rate monitor etc that you are fed up of to carry with you all the time while exercising and have to maintain them which is another task that doesn’t let you focus on your activities? Here is good news for you! The new KUAI Biometric Headphones have arrived which combine all the gadgets in one manageable device and lets you enjoy your activity without being constantly worried about whether you have achieved your goal or not and if yes, how much.

KUAI – The First Multisport Biometric Headphones

Kuai are the first biometric headphones in the world which can help you monitor your progress in any type of sports and exercise. So, no matter you are trying to shed your pounds by walking, running or swimming, Kuai is there to help you to measure your performance and encourage you! You may raise your brows upon reading “swimming”. But yes, Kuai, being waterproof up to 3 meters, are helpful in measuring your performance even while you are swimming.

wearing Kuai

How can Kuai be Helpful in Your Diet-and-Exercise Program?

When you have adopted a diet-and-exercise program for losing weight, you regularly have to set goals every day, right? E.g. I will run for 15 minutes or 1 km more today. Or my heart rate should reach 100 beats per minute today. In that case, while running you have to watch your monitor (a regular one) to check if you have really achieved your goal. This diverts your attention from the actual activity. It’s indeed a great hindrance. Moreover, I know what kind of stress overweight people go through. They are mostly under the stress of achieving goals. (Actually, they should not be, because stress reduces your performance unnecessarily). In such a scenario, if you get a gadget which will give you a voice alert about the achievement of your goal, how would that be? Won’t it be fantastic? It won’t hinder your activity and you don’t have to keep thinking whether you have achieved the targeted distance or heart rate or not. It will alert you if it has been achieved – so, no bewilderment and no stress! You can enjoy your exercise totally – and that’s what Kuai is for!

wearing Kuai while running

Remarkable Features of Kuai

  • Accurate measurement of heart rate, speed, cadence, distance and other live data, and voice alert of everything
  • Can be used while running, walking, cycling, swimming or doing any other exercise
  • Download training plans
  • Use them on their own or connect to any other gadget – interfaces for PC/Mac and Android/iOS
  • Waterproof up to 3 meters and sweat proof too
  • Incorporated music player with which you can enjoy music while exercising
  • Secure LockFit technology and rugged yet comfortable design
  • Customized ear tips to suit different sports and activities

And there are many other features. Kuai has been launched in Kickstarter for just $99. So, don’t miss this opportunity – bring Kuai home and head towards your weight loss goal even faster!
features of Kuai