Ladies, You are About to Achieve Your Weight Loss Goal

Are you fed up of various weight loss programs and a continuous series of failures? This might be because the programs you adopted were designed not specifically for you, or they might contain extensive portion control and thereby a starved you, or it might contain foods alien to you, or…. so on! Now you can heave a sigh of relief, because Spectrum Health has designed an innovative weight loss program through which you are most likely to attain your weight loss goals. Why? Let’s see.

Weight Loss Program by Spectrum Health

The weight loss program by Spectrum Health is named Curves and it is particularly designed for women. Apart from a weight loss program, general fitness training has also been involved in Curves. The duration of the program is of 90 days and it contains a diet and workout routine.

Strength training involves 30-minute cycles on strength machines with intervals of 30 seconds in between. Simultaneous with your exercise, you have also to follow your diet plan which is personalized for you.

Personalized Diet Plan

The diet plan is created exclusively for you which is done when you go online and type in your strengths and weaknesses. Based on this information, the nutritionist on the staff will design a 90-day diet for you.

This diet is divided into three phases. In phase one you are allowed to take in only 1200 calories every day. Once phase one is over, phase two starts which allows you to consume 1500 calories per day. And in the last phase three, you are free to take in 2000 calories every day. This last phase is reached usually when you reach a plateau in your exercise.

Weight Maintenance Program

A weight maintenance program is also included in Curves where you are able to monitor your weight and enter the program once again starting from phase one, if necessary.

Women at the age of 15 and above can join Curves; but if you are not 18 or above, you will need your parents’ permission to join the program.


If you take a membership, the fee is $199. But if you don’t take membership but want to join the 90-day weight loss program, you will have to pay $299.

Though Spectrum Health is based in West Michigan, you can take the benefit of the weight loss program from anywhere in the world.

So, what are you waiting for? Enroll today and achieve your weight loss goals more easily and without stressing yourself.