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If you are planning to have weight loss supplements, first you will need to ensure that the products are high quality. High quality products are organic and follow all safety rules of FDA, don’t use any ingredient that has been proven harmful to human health and come in excellent packaging (so as not to gain moisture or other contaminating element). If you are in search of such products, there is a company which you can rely upon and it’s iHerb!

iHerb is a leading seller of nutritional and weight loss supplements and have one of the largest ranges of high quality products in the world. Here are some of their products.

Roasted Seaweed Snack

iHerb presents a tasty roasted seaweed snack in which sustainably grown organic seaweed has been used by roasting it with a little organic extra-virgin olive oil, which is again healthful, and just a pinch of salt. This is a great alternative to unhealthy chips to satisfy your craving.

A 2014 study by Newcastle University suggested that seaweed could be an important food for weight loss because it contains a compound named alginate which stops fat absorption. Researchers suppose that if alginate tends to block the enzyme that digests fat, it will make body absorb less fat and people will get rid of obesity.

Garcinia Cambogia Tablets

The Garcinia cambogia tablets by iHerb have a powerful weight loss formula of the subtropical fruit added with the very potent green coffee.

Green Coffee Tablets

Green coffee tablets by iHerb contain green coffee extract derived from 100% pure, premium green coffee. Green coffee contains chlorogenic acids which have been proven effective in weight loss by two scientific studies.


FibroVera is a combination of enzymes and herbal components that cleanse blood. Because of certain hormonal imbalances there can be issues of breast and uterine tissues. FibroVera brings about hormonal balance and controls inflammation. It also provides fibrinolytic (breaking fibrin) enzymes and co-factors to eliminate fibrin buildup. Fibrin is the major component of fibroids and endometriosis.

White Kidney Bean Capsules

Other than fat, carbohydrates too contribute to weight gain. Normally carbs are consumed as alternatives to fats. However, carbs too are stored by the body if they are present in excessive amount and we gain weight. iHerb’s White Kidney Bean capsules are the first non-stimulant, all-natural white kidney bean extract capsules that control carbs. Plus they have been fortified with Chromium for metabolizing fat, proteins and carbohydrates.

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