Make Your Weight Loss Shakes and Smoothies Even Healthier

Shakes and smoothies are wonderful drinks that make us full, provide nutrients and thus bring our weight down. Is there any way to make them even healthier? Yes, there is! By adding many healthy ingredients, a new one every day, we can not only make the shakes and smoothies nutrient-rich, but also bring a desirable change of taste. Here are some such ingredients.


Protein needed by us vary from individual to individual, according to many factors like gender, age, size and composition. However, protein is an important food component our body needs especially during our weight loss program to retain strength. Especially if you undergo moderate to intense exercise, you need added protein intake to heal the wear and tear the muscles undergo during workout. Those who require extra protein than a regular smoothie offers can add plenty of other ingredients that make weight loss shakes and smoothies protein-rich.

Protein Powder: A high quality protein powder is a good source of protein to add to your smoothie. Smoothies already contain protein. You can tailor it by adding a protein powder as per your protein requirements. Usually, one tablespoon of protein powder offers around 5gm of protein.

Fatless or Low-fat Dairy Products: Yogurt, ricotta cheese or cottage cheese can be added to your smoothies and shakes for extra dose of protein and also vitamins A and D and calcium. 100gm (1/3rd cup) of fatless cheese or yogurt provides around 7gm of protein.

Tofu: You can also add tofu to your shakes and smoothies for added protein. Choose the soft, silken variety because it blends completely with the smoothie and has a mild flavor. 120gm (around 4 oz) of tofu offers around 7gm of protein.

Fruits and Vegetables

If you are not being able to eat enough fruits and vegetables, adding them to smoothies is the best solution to add a dose of vitamins, minerals and fiber to the smoothies as well as be able to consume fruits and vegetables every day.

Make it a point to add less typical fruits to your smoothies apart from the typical bananas and berries. These may include guava, pomegranate seeds, kiwi or melon.

Veggies like pumpkin, carrots, cucumber, beet, spinach and other green leafy vegetables etc make great addition to your standard smoothie to make it a storehouse of nutrients.

Healthy Fats

Addition of fat will certainly add some calories to your smoothie; however, healthy fats also offer nutrients that our body desires the most – vitamins, minerals, fiber and essential fatty acids.

You can add sunflower seeds, chia, hemp or flex seeds with which a slight texture is added to your shakes and smoothies; but more importantly they add a healthy dose of minerals like zinc and copper and omega-3 fatty acids.

You can also add healthy fats to smoothies in the form of nut butters like butters of walnut, pistachio or almond. These too offer copper and zinc, besides some protein as well as fiber.

Adding such a variety of nutrients to your shakes and smoothies will turn your healthy beverages even healthier and helpful in losing pounds. is devoted to weight loss shakes and smoothies. Visit their site to get a wide collection of recipes of smoothies and shakes, and a lot of information on health and weight loss.