Mind Makeover & Weight Loss

It’s easy to lose weight; you should exercise more and eat less, right? Anyone who has lost significant amounts of weight knows how wrong these “easy tips” are. Making a lifestyle change you need to get slim (again) is so much more than getting a gym membership and well-balanced dieting. First and foremost, it’s a mind makeover. At Aurorasa Coaching – Multidimensional Awareness, you can get useful information of improving your overall well-being and changing your mind-setting. Yes, you’ll start losing that extra baggage, too. 

The root of your actions, who you are as a person and how you flourish, stems directly from the mind: how you feel and what you believe. Of course it’s important to participate in regular exercise and follow a calorie-controlled diet if you want to lose weight, but how to get your mind focused to do that?

Affirmations can be extremely effective and powerful, so think like a winner! Also, it’s in human nature to avoid pain and seek pleasure, right? If you associate pain with dieting, you’ll probably fail in losing weight. So, set yourself short-term, realistic goals and when you reach them, you’ll feel like a winner, you’ll get (natural) high. Your body will start recognizing losing weight as pleasure, so you’ll be able to stay on a diet long enough to see significant results. You need to be patient, too. Losing weight in a healthy way is going to take time. Relax, don’t stress and give yourself a break.

Look for success stories, motivation and inspirations. A website such as Aurorasa Coaching – Multidimensional Awareness can also give you the “feel good” factor and you’ll be more inspired and motivated to stick to your exercise and diet plan.

Since everything comes from our head, think about why you’re eating. If you’re fulfilling an emotional need, you should learn how to do that properly. Getting fat will only make your situation worse. Instead, learn to appreciate and love yourself unconditionally. When people are overweight or obese, they start thinking they don’t deserve love and attention. Nevertheless, unconditional love isn’t something you earn! Once you decide to give love to yourself by eating well and exercising, amazing things will happen!