Mother Earth Diet – Proceed Towards Light and Bouncing Health

If you are keen about your weight or have already gained much of weight because of carelessness and now want to shed it, you might be reading lots and lots about weight loss and might be trying many diets too. But, it’s easy for you to get frustrated because of failure of those diet plans. This is because those diets don’t contain much of natural foods or systematic eating plan to speed up your metabolism. Here are two books with a revolutionary weight loss concept called Mother Earth Diet!

The two books are “Mother Earth Diet: Mother Earth Cookbook” and “Seven Day Mother Earth Meal Plan Diet” by Mignon Morgan and her mother, Dr. Brenda Kay Winters. The concept put forth by these two brilliant ladies is very simple and practical. There is nothing impossible in achieving weight loss by their simple methods told in these books. If you understand the basic principles and adopt them, you will start losing weight fast and will feel better every day.

Basic Principles

Metabolism: Mignon Morgan and Brenda Kay Winters have rightly pointed out the key point in weight loss – increasing metabolism. It has been proved scientifically that increased metabolism brings about weight loss. This is simple to understand. When metabolism increases, more calories are used up and obviously you lose weight. Fat people keep eating junk food, which decelerates metabolism and creates craving in them and they become fatter. When they start eating foods that increase metabolism and do exercise, they start reducing weight. Therefore the authoresses advise to exercise and take metabolism-increasing foods in your daily diet like green vegetables, salads, fruits etc. You will get full Mother Earth Diet in the books.

Breakfast: The authoresses give a lot of importance to breakfast. Breakfast again increases your metabolism and keeps you energetic all day.

Watch Over Your Caloric Intake: The authoresses advise to maintain a journal wherein you should jot down what you eat every day and it will be an eye-opener for you about how many extra empty calories (unhealthy foods) you consume per day.

Exercise: Fat people have very less movements. Upon losing weight with ways advised in the books, you will feel light and so, you won’t feel afraid of movements. So, slowly you should start exercising; start walking, swimming and riding a bicycle, first for a short duration and then for longer and you will lose weight further, and will feel much healthier and happier.

Do these basic principles seem complicated? And aren’t they logical? You will get full advice on losing weight fast and how to be happy while doing it in both the books. So, grab your copies today and proceed towards light and bouncing health!