No Physical Activity – No Lasting Weight Loss

sprinting-1If you’re looking not only for lasting and successful weight loss, but also for being in good shape, eating properly is a very important part of that battle. Nevertheless, you need to exercise, too! Not only will physical activity help you lose weight faster, it will help you build muscles and look your best. Whether you’ll be walking, swimming or sprinting for weight loss, you need to be physically active to feel better, decrease stress and prevent severe health issues.

When someone says “physical activity”, most people think that it has to involve costly home equipment or joining a fancy gym. Although it might be best to have a personal trainer and a good fitness program designed according to your own needs, even some daily activities could be counted as exercising. For instance, if you’re walking or riding a bike to and from your work, you’re physically active; when you’re cleaning your home or gardening you do get your heart pumping. However, if you want to lose weight, you need to break a sweat a little bit more.

Healthy adults who want to maintain their ideal weight should complete approximately two to three hours of moderate aerobic activity on a weekly basis. Whether it’s brisk walking, swimming or using an elliptical machine, it’s probably the best to spread your physical exercise out throughout a week. If you don’t have enough time or you see anything “moderate” as boring, opt for vigorous aerobic activity (cycling, running, sprinting…) 75 minutes a week. In addition to your aerobic exercises, you should do strength training, be it yoga, Pilates or weightlifting, 2 or 3 times a week.

But, what is the best physical activity for weight loss? In my opinion, it’s the one that you enjoy the most, the one you can do almost every day. If, for instance, you simply hate going to a gym, you’ll find any excuse to skip your workout. So, choose something you are ready and willing to do in the long run. Sprinting, biking, swimming, skiing, skating, hiking, dancing and playing tennis/group sports all count as aerobic activities; choose the one you prefer. Plus, even walking is an excellent and widely available option; gentle on joints, yet effective.