Obesity DNA Test – A New Ray of Hope for Weight Loss

So far, a lot has been discussed regarding the connection between obesity or being overweight, and calories, reducing calorie intake and increasing calorie expenditure, reducing carbohydrates and fats and increasing intake of proteins, vitamins and minerals, exercise and much more. Of course, all these do matter when you want to shed extra pounds. However, in some people it is seen that all these factors don’t make much difference to their weight. And here genetics plays the role. When it comes to weight loss, we consider all the above factors, but an important one is usually skipped from our mind – weight loss DNA management! This may be something alien to you or you may think, ‘Oh, I knew it, but hardly thought about it’! So, here is something insightful you may be interested to know or brush up.

Don’t condemn yourself if you don’t know much about the relation between obesity (or being overweight) and genetics, because it’s a relatively new subject. Scientists have lately found evidences that around a hundred of our genes affect our weight.

Most importantly, the thought that fatty foods increase fat storage in our body and other such hypotheses may not be true or may be half-true in some people. This is because every individual’s body reacts to various foods in different ways. Some people can stay slim even upon consuming 3-4 donuts a day and some people may remain overweight or obese even upon cutting fatty and sugary foods from their diet. This can frustrate the latter individual but it need not. This individual can take out her/his genetic information and can know what exactly is correct for her/him according to her/his particular genetic structure. This is done through a genetic test. Because of the difference in the genes, different people’s bodies may react differently to same foods or same type of exercises. This potential response of the body can be found out with the genetic test and it can be decided how far a particular food or exercise would be effective in reducing a person’s weight. And thus the concerned person’s personalized diet and exercise can be planned according to her/his specific genes.

Where can I Do this Test?

The state-of-the-art genetic test is done by New Life Genetics. It’s a simple test which you can do at home. You can read about the procedure on their website. You just have to send them your sample and you will get your genotype report within 20 days from which you can know how you can shed your extra pounds.

So, if you are confused and frustrated about why severe dieting and exercise are not helping you lose weight, try the genetic test. Who knows, it can open a way for you to a light, healthy body!