Review of BistroMD Meal Delivery Service

Selecting a weight loss plan that actually has results can be rather frustrating. There are so many diet plans available nowadays; it’s so easy to waste a lot of time looking for the one that would be good for you. An ideal weight loss plan should be something that’s easy to begin with, but it has to be easy to maintain in the long run too. If you’re living in the United States, BistroMD is a program you should consider. 

At* we have found a great deal on BistroMD so we’ve decided to take a  look at this popular meal delivery service. It’s been around for several years and thousands of people seem to be happy with BistroMD. Would we say it’s a flawless solution for losing weight? There’s nothing flawless in this world and BistroMD is no exception. Nevertheless, if you’ve been trying other weight loss programs without desired results, you should by all means give BistroMD a try!

Dr. Caroline Cederquist is founder of BistroMD and she is specialized in treating overweight patients. While trying to help her patients lose and maintain their weight, she realized that most of them simply couldn’t stick to their weight loss programs for various reasons. In order to change that, Dr. Caroline Cederquist decided to have their meals prepared and delivered every day. Since 2005, BistroMD has begun to deliver meals nationwide.

bisto-md-1Nutritional plan of BistroMD for a weight loss that is healthy and effective is based on 1,100 to 1,400 calories a day. BistroMD meals are cooked and prepared by professional chefs; they are nutritious and balances consisting recommended daily intake of complex carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Depending on your own weight loss goal and requirements, BistroMD meals can be customized.

Since meals prepared and delivered by BistroMD are designed with the nutritional balance and total caloric intake computed for clients, there’s no need to weigh and measure every ingredient while on a diet. In addition, with BistroMD, clients are sure they’re getting their calories from organic, healthy food sources. Not only can you lose that extra baggage, but you can also stay healthy while achieving your weight loss goals. In addition, this meal delivery service gives their clients an access to highly skilled dietitians to support them and answer all of their diet-related questions. After all, it’s important not to feel lonely while on a diet and having your own team working for you won’t let you feel lonely and confused while struggling to stick to the diet.

bistro-md-2As we’ve already mentioned, some of the best chefs in the United States prepare and cook meals at BistroMD. Why is that so important? Nobody likes meals that taste and look like “diet” food; instead, we all dream about delicious, juicy dishes, don’t we? This is undoubtedly the part where BistroMD wins the hearts of their clients; these meals look and taste like food you would get in some of the best restaurants or the ones you would cook at your own home. Furthermore, this meal delivery service offers a great variety of meals (more than 150 choices). While some people are quite satisfied with “done for you” menus, it’s possible to customize menu for your own taste, dietary restrictions and/or nutritional requirements.

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