Right Technique of Using Weight Loss Supplements

From bitter orange to green tea and from heartleaf to hoodia, weight loss supplements are constantly hitting our ears through advertisements on the internet and TV, and maybe also in your local gym and pharmacy. The question is whether these weight loss supplements work. Let’s understand how to lose weight with these supplements by pairing them with the right food and exercise.

Weight Loss Supplements – What are They?

Certain foods are considered weight loss supplements. But for the purpose of understanding, you can say that any tablet, powder, capsule or pill which includes chemical or herbal ingredients formulated with the purpose of increasing your metabolism (thereby burning more of your calories) or reducing your appetite (helping you to consume fewer calories) are weight loss supplements. In scientific language, they are often referred to as thermogenic aids.


Weight loss supplements may show poor performance when they are not accompanied by exercise and right food. Understand that weight loss supplements are only aids and they can’t make you move to exercise. You should exercise on your own and you should also eat right food on your own. If you are eating lots of fried food and confectionery, along with weight loss supplements, while not exercising, and are complaining that the supplements are not showing results, fault is of yours and not of the supplements. Thus you can manage weight only when you pair up weight loss supplements with exercise and healthy foods like leafy greens, fresh fruits, fresh fish, nuts and the likes.

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Are Weight Loss Supplements Safe?

There is a mixed answer to this question because not all weight loss supplements are unsafe. However some have been definitely considered dangerous to health and banned by the FDA. You should be careful to study the ingredients list on the label and find out if the ingredients are FDA approved. Ingredients like green tea, alpha linoleic acid (ALA) and chromium have been considered safe, whereas high doses of caffeine, ephedra, orlistat and country mallow are supposedly risky causing liver damage, gastrointestinal upset and giving a jittery feeling.


Right Technique of Taking Weight Loss Supplements

Weight loss supplements can give the optimum advantage to a bodybuilder who wants an additional 1% fat loss and also to a person who requires just a bit extra fat burning but has already a perfect diet and exercise regime.

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You should understand that after using a weight loss supplement, there is a 6% increase in energy expenditure; but this effect lasts only for a few hours. This means that if you burn 80 calories per hour when at rest, and you are not exercising after taking the supplement, your metabolism will increase by only about 4 to 5 calories per hour. Pairing up exercise with weight loss supplements will enable you to burn fat much faster and on a larger scale.


Similarly, some supplements work by reducing your appetite. But if you consume fatty and sugary foods, whenever you are hungry while you are taking the supplements, you will never achieve your weight loss goal, because you are nullifying the effects of the supplements.

So, choose safe weight loss supplements, and pair them with healthy food and exercise and you will get extremely encouraging results, not only weight loss but also the feeling of well-being.

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