Shed Pounds in a Healthy, Tasty and Safe Way with Saffron

Are you a weighty person and want to try whatever you come to know about shedding pounds? Stop for a while and think! How much have you been benefited by these products? Today I will share with you one more weight loss remedy; but it’s quite different from the ones you have tried so far, in that it really brings about weight loss naturally and safely! It’s saffron!

If you don’t believe it, understand that saffron is a wonderful spice that slows down your appetite, helps you control cravings and thereby brings about weight loss.

Saffron is a prized and rare spice, and is considered the most expensive spice too. You may know that it’s actually the stigmas of flowers of a plant scientifically known as Crocus sativus. The stigmas are picked by hand and heat dried to enrich the flavor and color of saffron. To have 1 pound of saffron, around 80,000 flowers are needed. So, you can understand why the spice is so precious.

Saffron is also considered valuable because of its amazing flavor, color and therapeutic properties. But apart from its other therapeutic properties, its weight loss properties have attracted the attention of many dieticians and weight loss enthusiasts.


How to Use Saffron for Weight Loss?


You may be scared to think that you cannot use such an expensive spice for losing weight. This is simply a misconception because you don’t need it in a large amount. So, ultimately it’s economical.

Take care to use the best quality of saffron for the best results. You can get such high quality saffron at Herat Saffron Co. who bring you pure Afghan saffron from the Herat Province of Afghanistan and provide help to the Afghan women who are involved in the production.

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For weight loss, you need 5 strands of saffron every day. You might have heard of saffron extract for weight loss, but using saffron strands is more effective for losing weight. You should also remember not to cook saffron on high temperatures because it will destroy all its antioxidants and other beneficial compounds that are helpful in weight loss.

The best way to use saffron for losing weight is saffron tea.

Start warming a cup of water and then add 5 saffron threads to it with honey. Let it brew for 15 minutes. Stir and drink!

Along with this if you eat foods that will support the action of saffron of reducing your appetite, you will get the best results by feeling full and satiated all through the day. The foods include nuts, salads and fruits.

This will tame down your cravings and you won’t feel stressed out, depressed or anxious, and you won’t even have to face mood swings.

So, make use of saffron and shed pounds in a healthy, tasty and safe way!