Slim App – Head Towards Health

What is the most important part of your diet program? Is it your diet? Is it your craving? Is it the food? No! The most important factor is your weight! Do you set a goal for weight loss? If not, you should do so, and if you are not tracking your weight, it can be a grave mistake. But dieters are always enthusiastic about their weight; so, you can’t make this mistake. But how do you track your weight? If you are not very clear about this, you have help at hand, in the form of Slim – weight and BMI tracker, a beautifully designed iPhone app, which is absolutely FREE!

What is Slim?

As told earlier, Slim is an iPhone app, with which you can track your weight, set your weight goal and get a recurring reminder. Slim is fully integrated with Apple Health.

How does Slim Help You?

  • You can find everything about your weight quickly and in detail with charts and all the statistics.
  • You can also track your BMI (Body Mass Index) with Slim app
  • With the help of Apple Health, Slim can sync your data with other sources. This is useful if you are already using a weight tracker such as Fitbit and Withings scales with Apple Health because you can easily switch the data between the two scales.
  • You can set your weight goal and thereby get motivated and slim
  • No one can access your personal weight and health information because with the Touch ID feature of Slim, you can lock all the information
  • You can set a reminder to avoid forgetting weighing yourself
  • Slim app offers you a reward too when you achieve your weight goal!

Make the Best Use of Slim for Your Health

The Slim app can be best used for your health. The app is absolutely FREE and you can take the benefit of its features for free for another year without upgrading. So, don’t miss this chance and grab the app now. You can track your weight and BMI, which will keep you motivated to keep your weight in control or reduce your weight if you are overweight or obese. This will rid you from the possibilities of developing weight-related dangerous diseases like atherosclerosis, blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes.

Download the Slim app now and head towards health!