Slim By Design – Simple Weight Loss Solutions that can Make Life Easy

Overweight and obese guys, here’s the good news for you – I have found an extremely simple way to weight loss for you. It contains things that you do every day, nothing much different, but just with a twist, in a little different way, and you will see a lot of difference! This is the proven weight loss method by Brian Wansink, described in his new book Slim By Design!

Brian Wansink, Ph.D. is a professor and the director of the famous Cornell University Food and Brand Lab. He is a top authority on Food Psychology, the science of why we eat what we eat. He has written a lot on the subject of weight loss in a psychological perspective.

Slim By Design is his latest book in which he has given some interesting findings of some researches on how we can change our food environment and eat less.

What he has said in the book is absolutely convincing and we can realize that but didn’t notice that before.

The simple principle behind Brian Wansink’s weight loss method is to change our surrounding in such a way that we would automatically eat less, rather than trying to control our willpower.

Here’s a situation I would like you to think upon. You have a plate of chocolates in front of you and you are controlling yourself for not eating them. You did it! At the end of 2nd, 5th, 10th and even 24th hour you didn’t touch the chocolates. That’s good, no doubt.

Now, think of a situation that you are just doing whatever you are doing with nothing in front of you. Now, will you be compelled to control your craving and test your willpower? You did your jobs, one-by-one easily and comfortably, and didn’t eat any chocolates, that’s it!

Which one was more comfortable? Of course, the second one. This is what Brian Wansink wants to say. While controlling our willpower, we keep thinking of food. On the contrary, when food in not in front of us, we don’t eat it and we don’t have to control our cravings; that’s so simple!

The author has also given many interesting studies he and his fellow researchers did to find out the difference between the behaviors of slim and heavy people and they found some distinct differences in the behavior of the two groups, because of which slims are slim and fats are fat.

According to Brian, we can make a few changes in our behavior and achieve a big weight loss. And making these changes is much easier than controlling cravings.

So, if you are struggling with your cravings while struggling to shed pounds, you should read this book and find the easier ways to lose weight, to make life much easier!