Tips to Maximize the Benefits of hCG Diet Drops

hCG diet drops have been proven to be one of the most sought after means to lose weight fast. Millions of people have taken their help to shed extra pounds and head towards a more healthy and “light” life. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) is a hormone that occurs naturally in pregnant women. It has been used since decades to treat various diseases for women and men. Its benefit for weight loss has been recently found and has quickly become an important component of most weight loss programs. hCG diet drops for weight loss promise to make you lose up to 3 pounds per day.

hCG diet drops is said to affect hypothalamus which is a part of brain that controls body functions and metabolism. If hCG diet drops are combined with a proper weight loss program, hypothalamus is induced to release stored fats in the blood, reduce hunger and reform the metabolic ability of the body. Because of the alteration in metabolism, the dieter can expect long term control over weight loss.

You on your own too can construct an effective hCG drops diet. Here are some tips.

Know the Point of Start

When you will start your diet, weigh yourself to know your point of start. Do it while starting the diet every week to watch the progress. This will also help you to keep track of your losing weight.

Herbal Tea

At the time of breakfast, if you take processed or organic tea and coffee, try to replace it with herbal tea. Herbal tea brings about great improvement in your blood circulation. It also contains herbs that have beneficial effects on your body. Remember that you should not add any sweetener to the tea, because they will affect the diet.


Don’t miss the health benefits of fruits. Take one serving in the middle of the day. That will make you satiated and hydrated. You will feel energetic and you can fight the potential cravings.

Lunch around 12 Noon

If you are going to eat meat, carefully remove all the detectable fat before cooking and weigh the meat. Boil or grill it without adding fat.

Following Rules Strictly

An important rule to be followed while taking hCG diet drops is not brushing teeth, drinking any liquid and eating for 20 minutes after taking the drops. Because of this, the residue of the drops will be effectively seeped into your system.

Take Dinner Early

Take dinner early, i.e. around 6 to 8 pm, so that before you go to bed, the food will be digested properly. Make sure that you are hydrated by drinking adequate water.

These tips will maximize the benefit of your hCG diet drops and you will enjoy the confidence of losing weigh fast.