Top 4 Tips for Losing Weight Without Exercise

Exercise is the healthiest and most effective way to lose weight. But what if you don’t get time for exercising? Does that mean that you should go on piling up pounds on your body? Well, not really! The first choice is to find a way to exercise. But if you are not successful at that, you can adopt the following ways to lose weight without exercising.

1. Count Calories

Successful weight loss programs like Nutrisystem are based on your total caloric intake and expenditure. If you visit their original site, you will find that they design a meal for you after interviewing you about your daily routine, food and activities. In short, they decide how many calories you should take in with respect to the activities you do. So, you should consume fewer calories than those you spend. If you do it on your own, count calories you consume daily and bring them to minimum required. You can take help of Nutrisystem for this or opt for an online calorie calculator. Find out your recommended caloric intake and stick to that.

2. Create Your Meal Plan

If you are unable to exercise to lose weight, you should limit the calories only to the required number. Firstly, write down all your current meals and count calories. This will give you an idea on where you can cut them. This should include even small tidbits like soft drinks, candies and so on. Also, find out the number of times you eat and plan out calorie-count for each meal. For example, you can allow 300 calories for breakfast, 500 calories for lunch and dinner each and 100 calories each time while snacking. Remember not to have less than 1200 calories in order to maintain your strength.

3. Let there Be Healthy Foods in the Diet

While planning meals in the above-mentioned way, make it a point that the meals should include healthy foods more. These may include raw fruits and vegetables, fish, nuts, whole grains, etc. Minimize refined sugars and saturated fats (sugary and oily  foods).

4. Include Foods You Crave for, but Once or Twice a Week

You don’t need to cut down your favorite (unhealthy) foods totally. You can include them in your meals, but not more than once or twice a week. Even the expert nutritionists and doctors at Nutrisystem at lodlois don’t skip foods that are normally considered unhealthy, like chocolates, burgers, pizzas and pastas. But these foods in their meals which they design for you contain all the required nutrients.

Follow these rules and lose weight; but exercise whenever you get time!