Top Tips to Choose a Safe and Healthy Quick Weight Loss Plan

Quick weight loss plans have always attracted fitness enthusiasts and overweight and obese people dreaming of a killing figure. However, the question remains that whether they are really effective and more importantly, are they safe.

Several of these quick weight loss programs have some sort of hook in them like a special component, supplement or a weird eating routine. Due to this, many of them are considered to be fad diets.

There is no wonder as to why these diets become popular. It’s because of their short duration as people have to stick to the strict restrictions only for a short period. However, one should check these diets for risks and whether they may cause you any harm rather than benefits. The best way to do this is to consult your doctor as s/he knows your body the best and what it can deal with safely.

Is Quick Weight Loss a Reality?

Mostly it is observed, if you remove all the fluff, that quick weight loss diets are generally simply low calorie diets with some of them being extremely low in calories.

VLCDs normally cause a good amount of water loss in the beginning which creates an illusion of fat loss. Although this can motivate the dieters to continue the efforts, several dieters on quick weight loss diets are often frustrated when the results don’t continue.

A few other diets may bring about quick weight loss to start with, but then continue with slow and steady weight loss. However, this is a much more practical approach.

On this background, the 3-day Military Weight Loss Diet seems highly promising because it’s neither a very low-calorie diet nor a water loss diet nor contains any special ingredient or weird routine. With this diet, there are almost zero chances for the dieters to get frustrated as it keeps the dieter sufficiently full with 3 nutritious meals. Its duration is only 3 days, perhaps the shortest weight loss program ever. It also carries none of the following risks that usually come with quick weight loss diets. Read more:

Risks Carried by Quick Weight Loss Diets

Reduced Metabolism: Diets that are extremely low in calories can potentially reduce metabolism causing an even harder time for weight loss.

Malnutrition: Since several quick weight loss programs are devoid of certain food groups and are extremely low in calories, they can leave the dieter malnourished, which in turn can causes other health issues.

Yo-yo Dieting: Rapid weight loss usually adds to yo-yo dieting. Continuous fluctuation in weight is unhealthy.

Frustration: Dieters usually gain the weight again and are frustrated and give up the weight loss efforts altogether.

Therefore you should choose a quick weight loss plan which is safe like the above-mentioned 3-day military diet plan by talking to your doctor and lose weight in a safe and healthy way.