Tremendous Benefits of Healthy Diet Shakes for Weight Loss

Diet shakes have an important role to play in your weight loss program. They are high in nutrition and low in calories, so, they are ideal for weight loss. They are your best friends when you feel hungry but don’t want to fill your stomach with anything unhealthy and calorie-rich. They are quick to make and tasty too. The fat diminisher system reviewed by Sable also has given a lot of importance to healthy diet shakes for shedding extra pounds yet still feeling energetic. Here are some prominent benefits of diet shakes.

Weight Loss and Management

As a main topic of this portal, weight loss is the most important advantage of diet shakes in our point of view. A 2010 study done at the University of Ulm revealed that obese subjects on meal replacement diets lost more pounds within a year than those who didn’t use meal replacements but only reduced calories. Particularly good results are seen when you consume protein shakes to replace breakfast and meals because according to most scientists, protein are more satisfying than fats and carbohydrates.


Diet shakes are definitely more convenient than full meals because they are easy and quick to make and also to consume. Especially when you are short of time and are on the go, you can make them easily and also drink them quickly. They keep you full and are more preferable to junk food when you skip meals though they lack some of the nutrition.

Vitamins and Minerals

Depending upon the ingredients you include in your diet shakes, they provide you the most needed vitamins and minerals though they are not ideal to meet your daily requirements of nutrition. Adding ingredients like frozen strawberries, blueberries, apple (cut into small pieces for easy blending), and other fruits will add the dose of vitamins and minerals in the shake.

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Perfect Drink after a Workout

Diet shakes are a perfect after-exercise drink because during exercise, your muscles actually get torn down which need to be repaired with nutrients. When they are repaired in such a way by your body, they become even stronger. This can be achieved if the body is fed with the required nutrition within an hour after exercise. And what body needs the most are proteins for the repair of wear and tear of muscles. So, you can add proteins to your diet shakes in the form of almond milk, soy milk, cashew milk, coconut milk, dried fruits like apricots and dates, low fat yogurt, peanut butter, almond butter, cashew butter, flax seed and more.

What to Do to Make Your Diet Shakes Nutritious?

Meal replacement diet shakes earn frowns of nutritionists for not providing sufficient nutrition. So, is there anything with which they can be made nutritious? Yes, you can make your diet shake healthier by adding protein and fiber to it. It should contain at least 12 gm of protein and should not contain refined sugar. You can easily learn how to make healthy diet shakes at where there are a lot of recipes of healthy diet shakes. You can add peanut butter, for example, to the shake to boost its protein content. For the addition of fiber, wheat bran or oats are the best.

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