Vitamin B12 Injections for Weight Loss

We have studied about vitamin B12 in our school days that it’s a very important vitamin B. But do you know about vitamin B12 Injections? I mean do you know them closely? You might know them well if you regularly visit a physician or you are associated to preventive health. B12 injections are believed to improve energy levels, enhance mood and promote weight loss. But you might get a question in your mind and even I am getting it – do B12 injections really work? To understand how it brings about weight loss, we will have to understand first, how it affects our body.

Vitamin B is of different types and among all of them, vitamin B12 is a very important one, because it is essential for normal functioning of our nervous system and brain. It is also important for the formation of our blood cells. It’s a water soluble vitamin and occurs naturally in meat, poultry, seafood, dairy and many other foods such as cereals.

Vitamin B12 is also essential for metabolism of our cells, fatty acid synthesis and energy production. It is also used in DNA. All in all, vitamin B12 is very, very important for our body.

Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Our body may sometimes become deficient in vitamin B12 and in that case, the person may feel tired, fatigued and even depressed. S/He may also show poor memory. Sometimes tingling or numbness may occur in extremities too.

If the deficiency is severe, the person may show mania and psychosis due to very low levels of the vitamin. Studies have also shown that B12 deficiency can result in permanent damage to the nervous system and brain.

Why is Vitamin B12 Deficiency Caused?

Vitamin B12 deficiency can occur in people who consume only vegetarian diet and if dairy, seafood, meat and fortified foods are absent in their diet.

Another important cause may be poor absorption. This problem doesn’t allow absorption of vitamin B12 in the body, even if the person consumes all the above foods. The absorption issues again result from three major reasons.

  1. First reason is absence of enough gastric acid (HCl – Hydrochloric Acid). In this case, vitamin B12 cannot be separated from proteins to which it is bound. Aging brings natural loss in gastric acid; thus, we are more likely to become deficient in B12 as we age.
  2. Second reason is IF (intrinsic factor), another protein which is released by the parietal cells of our gut’s inner lining, not binding to B12, because of which B12 is not absorbed in the small intestine. In some people, there is no IF at all and so they are deficient in B12 and suffer from pernicious anemia.
  3. Moreover, if the intestinal mucosa of the small intestine is not in good health, inflamed or not working properly, it cannot absorb vitamin B12 bound to IF.

All in all, vitamin B12 deficiency can bring about a lot of problems, because of:

  • Not consuming enough vitamin B12 containing foods
  • Not forming adequate gastric acid
  • Not forming intrinsic factor
  • Not having a gut that has healthy inner lining
  • Taking medications that may interfere with the absorption and function of B12. These medications include contraceptives, metformin, antibiotics, and some seizure medications and anticonvulsants.

Should One Take B12 Injections?

If vitamin B12 is so important, B12 injections seem to be a pretty good idea. And they are. B12 makes you feel better. But should we really get B12 injections?

Well, the fact is if you have an absorption issue because of which you have become low in B12, you should take B12 injections, and you will feel the difference, in the form of improved energy and mental clarity, and an elevated mood. Actually, if your B12 levels are really low, the only solution to increase them faster is using injections, rather than oral supplements. Oral supplements take longer to get absorbed.

B12 Injections for Weight Loss

There is no scientific proof though that the injections help in weight loss. However, the other side of this is that, when you are tired, fatigued and depressed, and feeling disgusting because of it, you naturally are more likely to eat more. And if your underlying problem is cured with B12 injections, you will not feel like eating more and eventually weight loss will be achieved.

If you have performed tests and have taken injections or even oral supplements before and didn’t find any difference, ensure that you get the methylcobalamine form of B12. It occurs in the body naturally and hence is more bio-available. Several pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies make use of cyanocobalamine in their products; but it is not as bio-available as methylcobalamine. Therefore, the results will not be optimal and symptoms may not relieve. But if you are not suffering from severe B12 deficiency, you may feel a lot better even with injectable B12 or oral supplements.

Other thing to remember is that, if you are young and not suffering from any absorption problems, but not consuming sufficient amount of B12, oral B12 supplements too will help you.

Taking B12 Injections

If you are planning to use B12 injections, consult first with your doctor about how much and how often you should take them.

All in all, vitamin B12 is an extremely important element which our body needs and in case of its deficiency, we may end up in some of the most severe and prolonged adverse effects. B12 injections are useful when the patient has absorption problems or is really deficient and requires to increase the levels soon, while for overall healthy patients, not very deficient, oral B12 supplementation is also enough.

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