Weight Loss for Women Over 50 – The Right Helping Hand for Women They Desire the Most

If you are a woman who was overweight or obese in young age and had tried to lose weight, you may remember that losing weight was easy then. However, as you reach or cross 50, losing weight becomes increasingly difficult. This is because at this age, your body cannot burn calories like it did when you were young. Health issues and family responsibilities compel you to cut back physical activity. Most importantly, your metabolism slows down with age. In such a condition, if your diet is like that of a young girl, and exercising (rather avoid exercising) is like an old woman, it becomes a big issue to lose weight. Joey Jamerson’s book ‘Weight Loss For Women Over 50’ can become a lifesaver for you in such a case.

Caloric Requirements of a Woman Over 50

Roughly your calorie expenditure reduces by around 150 calories per decade after age 20. This is because your body loses muscles and gains fat. The American Council on Exercise says that this reduction becomes most critical when women hit 50. This means that if you could burn 2,000 calories a day at 20, you can burn only 1,550 calories daily at 50.

But only gender and age don’t decide your daily requirement of calories, but also your physical activity decides that. So, the less active you are, the fewer calories you will need. Expert dieticians recommend a daily intake of 1,600 to 2,200 calories for women in their 50s for maintaining their current weight.

Make Correct Food Choices

If you have spent your entire life in gobbling fries and burgers, it’s not late; you can still switch to healthy foods. The unhealthy foods you could burn off 30 years ago may perhaps catch up with you with time and may ruin your health in the form of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Therefore, the best way to leave fast and processed foods and turn to nutritious foods like fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, beans, healthy fats and lean protein.

In Joey Jamerson’s book ‘Weight Loss For Women Over 50’, you will find many resemblances to your own story because Joey has gone through all that you have gone through and so, knows very well what exactly are the problems in losing weight after 50. So, the book offers just the correct guidance in this important issue and is the right helping hand for women they desire the most.

Read the book and you will find answers to the most difficult questions you face and you will start heading towards losing weight!