Weight loss surgery: an introduction

Doctors consider conducting the Weight Loss Surgery on the patients if the case is too grave and difficult to control obesity with drug and lifestyle changes. A BMI of 35 or above is one of the major indicators of such situation along with high obesity accompanied with type-2 diabetes. Also the doctors want the patient to be completely aware about the post surgery diet and lifestyle changes he has to adopt before considering him eligible for the surgery.

The surgeons while operating make changes to the stomach or the small intestine or both. The methods they employ are gastric bypass, adjustable gastric band, gastric sleeve, electric implant and duodenal sleeve. One particular method of surgery is picked depending upon the clinical condition of the patient.


After the weight loss surgery most people start to lose weight for one and half to two years. In some cases it has been observed that people regain weight even after the surgery but a very few regain the complete weight. Patients suffering with obesity and diabetes are more likely to have relief quickly after the surgery, but relief from high blood pressure may take a little more time to come.

Risk and side effect:

The most common side effects, immediately after the surgery, which may be considered mild, are vomiting, bloating diarrhea, dizziness and excessive gas in stomach. There are more serious side effects such as bleeding, infection and leak from the stitches at the location of surgery. Also there is possibility of blood clots forming in the leg and could move to the heart and lungs. However the serious side effects are although a possibility, there occurrence is rare in patients.

There are some long term side effects of such surgery like dumping syndrome in gastric bypass and some other symptoms like nausea, sweating and faintness etc are expected to be there for a long time after the surgery.

The most important thing which the patient must follow after the surgery is the prescribed nutrients and diet along with a healthy lifestyle to remain fit and healthy for long.

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