Weight Loss: The Fat Burning Secret Review – Now Anyone can Shed Unwanted Pounds

So far, I have read so many books and articles on weight loss that when I start reading a new article, I can predict what would be the first sentence and the next sentences after that. However, with the new book by Patrick Price, named Weight Loss: The Fat Burning Secret: The Simple Basics Of Fat Burning And Healthy Nutrition, I experienced something new – really new! The book captivated my mind right from the beginning and I went on reading it till the end. It included some of my favorite weight loss theories, they supported my thinking and so, I felt good. In addition, it was even an eye-opener for me as some of my theories were proven to be myths. So, I decided to share my reading experience with you so that you can get an exact idea of what dieting is and how to use it for weight loss – the two major questions all ‘weighties’ face!

Dieting or Healthy Lifestyle

First of all, what I like about this book is rather than promoting dieting, it supports a healthy lifestyle, i.e. not only losing weight but being overall healthy. Many people don’t understand this and start trying for a great body for which they start intense dieting (starving in another word) and exercising. This results in weakness, injuries and more craving for favorite foods and ultimately frustration.

What you need instead is a healthy lifestyle – right nutrition, right amount of exercise and right amount of sleep too.

Don’t Deceive Yourself

Some people are careless about their weight and overall health. They go on eating and remain inactive. Here’s one more of my favorite theories that the book promotes – consume less calories and spend more to lose weight! When people eat more calories and spend less, they start gaining pounds. The author has rightly pointed out how people see their reflection in the mirror and decide to shed 5-10 pounds when in fact they need to shed 20 pounds. The author suggests to face the reality and not to deceive yourself by setting false goals. A healthy lifestyle is also about being honest with yourself and follow a definite nutritious diet and workout routine. If you think that by eating your favorite snack every day you are adding only a few pounds every year which doesn’t make much of a difference, you are cheating yourself, because such additions will ultimately result into bigger ones before you know it – a stage when it will become difficult for you to shed them!

Results of Weight Loss Overweighing Efforts

Patrick Price has made the basics of weight loss easy. He has asked a question that I too think on many a times – is trying for fitness so difficult? After all, what do you have to do for that? We love some or the other kind of activities – maybe a walk, a swim or a game. You just have to do that – your favorite activity. In addition, you have to eat healthy. Both these bring a fresh feeling inside you. When you return from a gym, a swimming pool or a game, you feel fresh, and when you eat healthy – salads, fruits, whole grains, pure water (and not soft drinks or flavored waters) and such things – you don’t get that bloated feeling that you get from fried junk food or fast food. However, here the time it takes to prepare our own fresh food may be a factor that may stop us from eating healthy. This may be the only factor that you may find difficult and therefore effortful. However, the benefits of these efforts outweigh these efforts. First of all, you feel great which is the biggest benefit. You can move anywhere you want easily! You can turn your body easily to look at the clock on the wall behind you, you can bend easily to tie your shoelaces without feeling giddy or losing balance, you can stretch your body easily to grab the container on the uppermost shelf, you can step back easily, you can tiptoe easily and you can do so many movements easily. These are the things which bring back your interest in life. Secondly, you look great! You can shop for whichever outfits you want without being worried about whether they will look good on you or show out your tummy or butt.

Which Weight Loss Program have You Taken Up?

Patrick Price emphasizes on choosing a weight loss program that should be useful to the person. According to him, it’s neither the person’s efforts nor the location (home or gym) that determines the success of the program, but it’s the program itself that decides it and so, it’s important to choose the right program that will suit your needs and preferences. The author has suggested many programs like yoga, pilates, aerobics, dance, zumba and more. He also suggests that trying a variety can let us find the one we enjoy the most and then we can continue with it. What’s the most important is doing some or the other activity. If you will enjoy doing it, you will continue with it; otherwise, you may leave it soon.

Preparation for Basic Training

One more principle the author tells and is of my liking too is that you should first prepare for the basic training. This is because I have experienced it myself. Preparation makes you strong enough physically as well as mentally to continue with the program. This also includes doing things moderately and not overdoing them, without being hard on yourself. Once your body and mind gets acclimated to the basic training, your job becomes easy and you can go through it without being stressed up, frustrated or depressed. Therefore, Patrick Price suggests to make preparations.

Another suggestion from the author is to build your endurance and prepare emotionally. If you don’t do it and start your training without any preparation, you are going to hate every minute of it. So, you should start exercising daily – lifting weights and doing cardio. If you start it at once without preparation, it will be a shock for your body. You can slowly prepare your body towards the toiling efforts you will be taking later.

Plus, you will learn:

– How does the ideal Training look like
– What are macronutrients and what is fat
– The facts about carbohydrates and how they make you fat
– What are proteins and what do they do?
– How to Speed up your metabolism
– What is Fitness and do we Need it?
– Much, much more!

Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device. As such the price is $3.99 but for a limited time, you are getting the Kindle edition for free; so hurry up!

In short, “Weight Loss: The Fat Burning Secret: The Simple Basics Of Fat Burning And Healthy Nutrition” has beautifully described what we really need to lose weight successfully. Because of this book, anyone can shed the unwanted extra pounds and achieve a great body!