White Kidney Bean Extract – An Effective Aid for Weight Loss

Lots of products have been found out by now for weight loss. Some of them are even being in our regular use while some are exotic, and all of them have a varying degree of effectiveness. Well, first of all think what have you understood and what have you tried for weight loss, regarding your diet? I am sure, most of you have stopped taking sugar and fried stuff, am I right? Well, barring a few people, many other people shift to healthier alternatives (as they consider them) like whole wheat bread, non-fried stuff like pizza (with healthy toppings), etc. But they don’t understand that these are all carbohydrates. And carbohydrates when absorbed in the body are turned into sugar which is stored as energy sources to be used in emergency situations. So, looking at “grains” as healthier alternative for weight loss is also not useful. And here things like White Kidney Bean Extract come to your help.

What does White Kidney Bean Extract do?

Today many weight loss supplements are having White Kidney Bean Extract as an ingredient. Why? The white kidney bean or Phaseolus vulgaris is known ‘starch-blockers’ i.e. they block an enzyme, amylase, in our digestive system, which converts starches into absorbable sugar. This sugar is stored in our body, so that it can be used in emergencies like starvation as energy sources. But when there is no such a situation, it increases fats in our body. White kidney bean stops amylase and so, starch absorption is stopped. Eventually sugar storage in our body too stops and weight reduction is achieved.

Six clinical studies have provided significant proof that white kidney beans reduce body fat (around 4 pounds on an average) to considerable amount in comparison with placebo.

Three of these studies involved a popular brand of white kidney bean extract. In one of them, overweight persons were given 3,000 mg of the extract every day or placebo with a normal calorie diet rich in carbohydrates. After a period of 8 weeks, 3.8 pounds were reduced on an average of those who were given white kidney bean extract, while those who were given placebo reduced only 1.65 pounds on an average.

In another study, the participants were made to undergo a program containing diet, workout and behavioral changes and were given either 2,000 mg of extract every day or placebo for a period of 4 weeks. A significant difference was seen in weight loss of both the groups taking a carbohydrate-rich meals, with those on white kidney bean extract reducing more pounds overall and also waist size.

All in all, if you have included more of non-sugary carbs in your diet considering them as healthier alternatives to fat and sugar, you should start taking white kidney bean extract to keep your weight in control. Pure White Kidney Bean Extract is available in the form of diet pills and work excellent for women and men.