Why Italian Food Helps You Lose Weight

We all know that French diet help French women and men keep away from obesity that has become a common feature of American populace. But other Mediterranean countries where obesity is a rare scene are often ignored by us. For example, in Italy, the land of pasta and pizza, you might hardly see any obese person. There are indeed some secrets to lose weight in Italy, nutritionist at DimagrireATrieste.com want to share with you here. Yes, if you love Italian food, you can lose weight with these tips.

Eat in a Relaxed Way

If you watch the ceremony of Italian dinner, you will be really amazed! All the family including grandparents and their grandkids, uncles, aunts and cousins, and even friends, gather and have fun while eating. They relax, chat and socialize while eating, and this ceremony may go on for hours and still, you may notice that there is no overeating.

Also there is an Italian tradition to take a passagiata (stroll) after meals when generations stroll together, share many things and cherish the tradition.

Another observation is that a typical Italian fare is quite different from the one available in the Italian restaurants in the US. Italian diet is typically rich in vegetables, fruits, seafood, beans, olive oil, poultry, dairy, whole grains and red wine, and it’s almost devoid of red meat.

Italian Eating Schedule

Generally, Italian breakfast is small with coffee with milk (and not cream) and a cornetto (a small biscuit) or cereal. Lunch may vary across the country, but characteristically contains a “first plate” of salad and sandwich or pasta in a small plate, and a “second plate” of vegetables, a small piece of fish or chicken.

Children are given fruit or yogurt as midday snacks, rather than candy, cake or cookies. Adults usually choose cappuccino made from milk.

Dinner is a bigger affair, but is not taken too late so that the body can get time for proper digestion. It generally contains vegetables, small portions of meat or fish, tomato or veggie sauce, and fruits as a dessert. Water and red wine are preferred beverages. Portions are typically small.

Stop Eating When You are Full

Italians stop eating when they are full. They eat by their stomachs (and not by their heads) and since they eat leisurely, they can identify signals that they are full and then they stop eating and just enjoy people’s company over a coffee.

The nutrition experts at DimagrireATrieste.com point out that they differ from Americans in that they eat small portions, don’t eat in front of computer, television or while reading a book, don’t eat after dinner and no junk food!

So, if you love Italian food and want to truly adopt it, take these tips and lose weight!