4 Fantastic Tips to Lose Fat Easily

If you are fed up of your excessive layers of fat and want to lose them at the earliest, you need not be disappointed by the failure you experienced so far. Actually there are very easy lifestyle changes with which you can bring about fat loss. Here are a few.

1. Find a Weight Loss Program that You Can Continue

You have been getting failure in your weight loss programs because the programs imply an endpoint from where you return to your previous habits. You should find a weight loss program that you can continue for life. Its components should not be hard on you. It should not over-restrict calories and should contain an exercise program that will sufficiently challenge you, and provide progression and adequate variety so that you can continue it for years so as to ‘maintain’ your weight loss.

In this regard, we recommend you to check the Fat Loss Factor program by Dr. Charles Livingston because it’s easy and to be followed from home and it won’t force you to cut down your meals drastically neither you have to do heavy exercise unlike in other weight loss programs. You don’t have to attend any meetings, seminars or sessions. It’s basically designed with the base of toxin removal and other principles. Try this program and you will be excited to see fat shedding from your body!

2. Don’t Underestimate Water

Most cellular activities including fat transport and fat burning take place in the medium of water. Moreover, drinking adequate water makes you feel full and thereby eat less. You should drink at least 1 ounce of water for every 2 pounds of your bodyweight.

3. Consume Less Calories than You Burn

You can find out how many calories you burn per day by calculating your RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) with this formula: RMR = bodyweight (in pounds) x 13. These are the calories you burin doing your everyday activities and not during exercise. To find how many calories you burn during exercise, here are a few rules. About 350 calories are burnt in a 30-minute moderate-intensity aerobic exercise in an average person and about 200 calories are burnt in a 30-minute of lifting. Add these numbers and keep your everyday calorie consumption less than the total.

4. Cut Back on Starchy Foods

Too many starchy foods like rice, potatoes, breads and pasta (especially at one sitting) gives your body with more than it requires for glycogen stores and energy. Anything that isn’t used is stored as fat. You need not eliminate them completely but should cut back on them as a step towards fat loss.

If you follow these simple steps, you need not be disappointed because of not succeeding in your weight loss efforts, neither you have to become depressed due to craving for your favorite foods and heavy exercises. On the contrary, you will soon start feeling light and bouncily healthy!