5 Awesome Tips to Lose Weight Very Fast

If you have no patience to achieve your weight loss goal, you should learn some technique that would help you lose weight very fast. Though it’s always advised to lose weight slowly and do any changes in your diet or exercise very slowly, there are moments in life, when we want to lose weight very fast. Plus, some of us are impatient too. So, for these individuals, here are tips that will help them losing at least 5 pounds in a week. In our opinion, they are safe; but you should consult your doctor before following them.

You are advised to follow some or all of these tips for a week. If you feel encouraged and confident, take them up further.

1.  Take a High Protein Breakfast

It’s amazing that despite taking a heavy, high protein breakfast every morning, you can lose up to 5 pounds in 1 week! This is especially good for food lovers as they don’t have to skip eating. Also, if you crave in the evening or night, you can remind yourself about the awesome breakfast you will have the next morning. Include fried eggs, fried mushrooms, big chunks of bacon or chicken, beans and onions in the breakfast. Times may come when you can’t eat them on a particular morning/s. Don’t worry. Replace it with hardboiled eggs and/or a protein shake.

high protein breakfast

2. Avoid As Many Dairy Products As You Can

If you are a big fan of milk, yogurt or cheese, avoid them only for a week and see the difference. After that, you can eat them moderately though not eliminating them completely from your life.

avoid dairy products

3. Include Weight Resistance in Your Schedule

You don’t have to do it hard. Do it for 20 minutes each twice a week. The workouts should include 50 air squats, 15 bicep curls, 20 wide arm pushups, 30 calf raises, 15 military shoulder press, close-grip pull-ups as many as you can and tricep extensions against the wall.

Workout lets the food you eat be stored into your muscles and not in fats. Dumbbells too are great tools if you want to lose weight fast. All the exercises are very important for losing weight fast. They are not necessary, but are indeed helpful in shedding your excess fat.


4. Let All Your Liquid be Water

If you are in a habit of drinking lots of energy or sports drinks, beer, fruit punches etc, visualize that you are consuming at least 100 calories every time. Moreover, these drinks cannot satisfy you like a 100-calorie food does. So, actually you are consuming waste. Other liquids may have high sodium and carb content, which cheat your body in retaining water, while puffing you out.

On the other hand, water is devoid of calories and carbohydrates, and contains almost no sodium; thus, it’s a perfect slimming drink. And surprisingly, it flushes out excess weight of water and also kick-starts your metabolism.

drinking water will help you lose weight

5. Take a Day Off

Taking a day off from your dieting is actually helpful for your weight loss efforts. You may think how to lose weight very fast by eating high-calorie foods? This is because when you continuously take limited-calorie diet, your body automatically shifts its metabolism to a lower gear so as to adjust with the lower food intake. By taking one day off and taking in more calories, you will revive your metabolism all through the week.

take a day off

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losing weight very fast