5 Strong Reasons for Lifting Weights when You Want to Lose Weight

Most women are still under a wrong impression that weight training may make them look masculine. This is not only a misconception but it’s also making them miss out the great benefits of health and awesome looks! Coach Drew at Elevation Medical Weight Loss Clinic of Pittsburgh shares here valuable information about why women (and men too) should start weight training if they desperately want to shed unwanted pounds.

1. Increased Fat Loss

You always dream that the tires on your waist and back have molten, right? Coach Drew assures you that by weight training you will lose 40% more fat! Researchers at Penn State experimented on three groups of people – no-exercise, aerobic-only and aerobic+weight training. All the groups lost about 21 pounds but the weight training group lost 6 more. This was because the lifters lost pure fat while the others lost muscles too along with fats.

There are other researches too supporting the fact that weight loss enthusiasts who don’t lift weights lose weight in which around 75% is fat and 25% are muscles. Loss of muscles may make you delighted with the figure on the weight scale; but it doesn’t make your body look good and make you most likely to get the flab back. On the other hand, if you weight train along with dieting, your hard-earned muscles are protected and more fat is burned.weight lifting doesn't make you look masculine


2. More Calories Burned

While you sit on a couch and lift weights, more number of calories in your body are burned. The reason for this is after each strength exercise you do, your muscles require energy to mend their fibers. The fact is, scientists have found that when a total body exercise is done with only three big-muscle moves, metabolism remains elevated for 39 hours after that! It was also found that people doing weight lifting exercises burned a greater amount of calories gained from fat as compared to those who didn’t do weight lifting workout.

Even during exercise, lifting offers you an improved burn. For example, eight moves can burn your 159 to 231 calories and that takes even less than eight minutes, whereas that many calories can be burned if you run with a speed of 10 miles per hour for the same period.

lifting weights burns more calories

3. Improved Diet

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh studied a group of 169 overweight people and saw that the people who didn’t exercise for three hours a week consumed more than the 1,500 calories allotted to them per day. It was also true the other way around as snacking disrupted their exercise regimen. The researchers say that both diet as well as exercise remind you to be on track, thus helping you achieve your weight loss goals.

weight training improves your diet

4. Improved Stress Management

Researchers have found that the fittest individuals demonstrate a better capability of managing stress because of reduced levels of stress hormones than their less and least fit counterparts. Another research has found that following a stressful event, the blood pressure of people having more muscles and less fat returns to normal quicker than those with less of muscles.

you can manage stress well with weight training

5. Healthier Heart

University of Michigan researchers found that people doing three-total-body weight exercise per week for a couple of months reduced their diastolic blood pressure (the bottom figure) by eight points on an average. This is enough to lessen the risk of a heart attack by 15% and that of a stroke by 40%!

weight lifting reduces heart attack risk

So, don’t shy away from weight training! Take it up and you will praise yourself soon.

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weight training offers you good looks