5 Tips on Weight Loss Workout for Women

I know that we should work out to reduce stress, feel better and live healthier and, yes, we do. But, let’s be honest, we exercise to look better and lose weight, too. If you’re working out several times a week, you surely want a routine that will offer you most efficient and effective results possible, whatever your goals are. So, what are the best weight loss workouts for women? Follow our tips and you’ll reach your goal weight!

1. If you want to lose weight, you have to lift weight.

Contrary to popular belief, lifting weight doesn’t mean you’ll bulk up. As a woman, you have lower levels of testosterone, so you don’t have to worry about developing enormous biceps if you hit the weights a few times a week. In fact, this workout plan means you’ll preserve muscle mass, while losing fat. With age (and calorie-restricted diets), women lose muscles mass and maintaining it is even harder than one would imagine. But, why is it so important? The truth is, body is more efficient at burning calories if muscles are bigger and stronger. Lifting weight at least twice a week is good for preventing weight gain, too.

2. Cardio is a must.

Unfortunately, you cannot skip cardio exercise in your weight loss workouts. However, it doesn’t mean you need to be a long-distance runner to lose weight, but high-intensity interval training can allow you to burn calories more efficiently. In fact, this is especially recommended for busy people who struggle to make room in their schedules for longer workout sessions. Would you like to give it a try? Alternate 1 minute bursts at 90% of maximum effort with 1 minute of recovery for 20 minutes.

3. Stop focusing on your worst features.

No matter what any trainer tells you, spot training won’t help you achieve your goals. So, even if you do crunches all day long, your belly won’t become flat soon enough, unless you work all the muscles in your body, too. So, don’t focus on your abs if you want to maximize the number of calories you burn. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t strengthen your core, but who can see a strong core if it’s layered with fat?

4. Pilates and yoga shouldn’t be underestimated.

Although the calorie-burning benefits of Pilates or yoga sessions aren’t equal to those of, for example, Zumba fitness, you shouldn’t skip them entirely. As a matter of fact, both workouts are ideal for strength, core and balance and, in addition, they increase flexibility and help with recovery. This means you’ll be better at doing cardio activities and lifting weight if you practice Pilates and/or yoga.

5. Be consistent.

workout 5No matter what workout routine you choose, it’s of high importance to stick with it. For that reason, it’s crucial to choose a cardio activity you like, no matter if it’s jogging, swimming, Zumba fitness, CrossFit workout or any other type of aerobic exercise. According to several studies, people who have been able to maintain their ideal weight over the years have performed an hour of physical exercise each day. So, to keep the pounds off, your body needs to be highly active on regular basis. For example, this could be your weekly plan: 2 times weight loss, 3 times cardio. And, of course, make sure Pilates and/or yoga are sprinkled in, too.